Monday, September 19, 2011

Orange Grove Markets, Lilyfield

The last time I went to Orange Grove Markets was with my friend Sue atleast eight or so years ago. The markets back then were fairly small and nothing to write home about. Sue was just ducking in to grab a few fruit and vege before we went off to do more exciting eat brunch.

The Boy and I were really only visiting the Orange Grove Markets this weekend as we knew that Jackie M had a stall there and we needed to stock up on her rendang frozen dinner packs ASAP! And perhaps indulge in some of her fabulous Char Kway Teow for a brunch. Oh and we bumped into Sue - still a loyal market shopper eight years on.

I was completely gobsmacked by how much the markets had grown.  Orange Grove Markets has EVERYTHING you could possibly want to eat - and if they sold cleaning products and loo paper well, you'd never need to visit a supermarket again. How blissful would that be?  There were stalls selling bread, cheese, meat, yoghurt, dips, chips, fruit, vegetables, plants, clothes, drinks - you name it, it was probably at Orange Grove Markets.

Although we were on a Malaysian food buying mission, we really could not help buying a heap of other tasty morsels. The Boy was quite taken with the offerings at Thistle Dew Meats (one of the many organic meat suppliers at the markets).  Although we both gave the Haggis and Black Pudding a wide berth we did come home with some lovely sausages and free range pork chops.

I decided that we needed some fruit and vege to go with our haul of meat as a gal can't live on pork chops alone. I grabbed some lovely salad items from a few stalls, as well as a handful of sweet Blood Oranges and Passionfruit from some other friendly stallholders.

All this shopping and food ogling can sure make a girl (and boy) hungry so we grabbed a drink during our market strolling - a fresh Orange and Raspberry drink - so lovely.

Orange Grove Market is a hive of activity. Whilst it bustles with adults, children, prams dogs are allowed! We spotted quite a few pooches tied up at the Dog Parking Area out the front (aka "the fence") waiting patiently for their humans to return...maybe with a tasty morsel for them to sample.

The Orange Grove Organic Food Markets are on eac Saturday between 8 am - 1 pm at the Orange Grove Public School, Cnr Perry Street and Balmain Road, Lilyfield. Bring your kids, prams and small ponies, but please park your puppies outside.


  1. can i bring my pet unicorn?

    how was the CKT?

  2. Ponies! Perhaps organisers are worried that dogs will scare the other animals or vice versa?

  3. Ponies?? No dogs?? WTF?? Haven't been to those markets yet... Toilet paper? Definitely they are better stocked than my local (Eveleigh). The fruit juices are a bit cheaper, too.

  4. No Dogs!?? Maybe because of all the food. MIllions of prams are allowed though (ok I didn't say that out loud). There is an awesome apple/fruit market there from actual Orange, It has scarred from buying apples from anyone else, they are that good.

  5. Oh I've never been to the Orange Grove markets as they are held on Saturdays (family time) but a similar concept is being replicated (ponies, et al) at the Double Bay Organic Markets on Thursdays. And they have those $5 blood oranges and Brasserie Bread. That's almost all I need to make me and one particular little boy happy!

    PS Hang on they have black pudding!!! Maybe I should pay them a visit!

  6. Grrr... my comment disappeared :-/ Was just saying that I've never been to Orange Grove as Saturdays are family days, but the Double Bay Organic Markets have a similar set up with ponies, $5 blood oranges and Brasserie Bread which I get for the 9yo who refuses to eat anything but their Cherry Loaf.

    However, I've spotted black pudding here and now I'm tempted to sneak out of the house early one morning and get some!

  7. Oh I love the Lilyfield markets. I went with a friend and we grabbed all the food and drink we could then sat on the grass devouring it while we watched the kids have their pony rides. They didnt have the Scottish stand when we went though :) must take Stud!

  8. Ooh! I love Orange Grove markets!

  9. A wide berth around the black pudding???? I was just looking up orange grove trying to find some markets on today, but none seem to be, but your lovely little blog popped up begging me to read it ;D


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