Friday, December 03, 2010

Zushi, Darlinghurst

Last night The Boy and I meet up with our wedding celebrant at The Victoria Room in Darlinghurst for a quick run through of our ceremony before “the big day” in a few weeks.

I’m unconvinced about the need for a rehearsal for what is basically going to be the quickest ceremony known to man (and woman). The Boy thinks the rehearsal is a great idea as it is sure to mean dinner in Darlo afterwards. Good thinking 99.

We’ve invited The Boy’s nieces along to the rehearsal as they’ll be in charge of the rings on the day.  The girls’ mother, Miss N, also comes along as she’ll be in charge of the girls on the day.

The girls tell me they’d like their blog pseudonyms to be “Wamantha” and “Egg”.  Wamanatha actually tells the celebrant her name is pronounced Wamantha and not Samantha, but none of us are falling for that trick. 

After the rehearsal we spend some time standing on the footpath outside of The Victoria Room deciding (or not deciding) where to go for a bit to eat.  I’m totally pushing for Grill’d, but no one seems to be getting my non-so-subtle hints.  Hmmm.

As we walk along Victoria Road, Egg spies Zushi and tells us she’s in the mood for Japanese. You’ve got a love a ten year old that’s “in the mood for Japanese”!  

We all pile into Zushi ten minutes before the kitchen actually opens, but our waitress happily seats us, gives us water and menus.  She also confirms that the floor in the restaurant does have a slope and that I’m not having a stroke brought on by my new, overly strong, glasses. 

The Boy and I decide order a few dishes to share between the two of us, and Miss N orders some options that she will share with the girls.  

It goes with out saying that Edamame will be on my must have list; as well as Agedashi Tofu

The Edamame ($6.00) arrive warm and seasoned with flakes of sea salt.  Yum! The girls haven’t tried these tasty soya bean delights before, but after one bean Wamantha is hooked. Egg is not so thrilled – more for me!

The serving of Agedashi Tofu ($9.00) is generous, with about six or seven pieces of tofu – more than you get in many other Japanese restaurants. The dashi broth however is not as flavoursome (or as plentiful) as I’ve had elsewhere.  It wasn’t as salty, or as thick, as I like it to be and an extra few spoonfuls in the bowl would have been nice.

I go in for a full-on sushi overload and order four different types of rolls.

Zushi’s Spider Roll ($18.00) is a combination of soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber and wasabi mayo.  The Spider Roll is in the ‘Signature Inside-Out Roll” section of the Zushi Menu, so I assume this is why it sports an incredibly hefty price tag of $18.00.  We both love soft shell crab so decide to go for it anyway as a bit of a “post wedding rehearsal treat”. 

Whist the Spider Roll is nice I have to say the roll is a little on the thin side. It is certainly not the best Spider Roll I’ve ever had…so I do think $18.00 is a little bit too much for a simple bit of sushi.

We’ve also ordered a Cooked Tuna + Avocado Roll ($4.90) which is lovely. Cooked Tuna in sushi is one of my favourite things!

Next up is the California Roll ($5.90) and it is very tasty and so fresh. 

And last but not least is a thin Tuna Roll ($4.50).  We had acutally asked for a cooked tuna roll, but weren't disappointed when a raw tuna roll came out as it was great.

Whilst the food at Zushi is tasty and fresh I do think that some of their prices are a little too steep for my wallet.  I would’ve liked to be able to order some of the items, like a Bento Box or Combo Set, that only appear on the lunch menu (the lunch menu appears to be MUCH MUCH better value and looks great).   Dinner is pure a-la-carte so the bill adds up. 

That said the service is friendly and fast and I cannot fault the wait staff on anything.  

Zushi is at 239 Victoria Road, Darlinghurst.  

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  1. heh i remember the first time i had edamame and noone told me not to eat the outside bit ahahaha good times

  2. Hi Suse - I went on a date with someone once who just popped the whole edamame into his month and then had to spit it out into his napkin when he realised you should only eat the inside bit!

  3. Umm yum! we walked past this restaurant last night and looked impressive...but ended up at Kika's (spanish tapas) a few doors up. Definitely going back to try the soya beans delicacies.

  4. wow $18 for the spider roll is abit too much isnt it :s

    great blog u have here! xo

  5. Hmm, perhaps you're paying for presentation on the spider roll? But I'm inexplicably drawn to soft shell crab... looks good though.

  6. Hi Anonymous - I've been to Kika's a few times (used to live around the corner last year) and it is so lovely. I love their tapas...and the paella too of course!

    Betty - I agree. I don't know why I ordered it actaully - brain fade I think (plus it was pay day so I was feeling rich). Everything else was pretty reasonable price wise.

    Tina - I love anything with soft shell crab in in delicious!

  7. Sounds good as always! Did you have anything to eat or drink at the Victoria Room? I have read lots about it but have not been there. Hope the wedding rehearsal was a success!

  8. Hi Jane - we didn't have anything to eat at The Victoria Room this time, but I've been there for High Tea a few times and also once for dinner. The High Tea is really great and that's what we're having for the reception. Nice and simple...and no fuss!

  9. If I'm heading there, I'll make sure it's a lunch time meal! That does sound a lil bit pricey. Especially considering the plethora of great Japanese restaurants at the moment in Sydney.


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