Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jasmin1 Lebanese Restaurant, Auburn

I think The Boy nearly ran the car off the road yesterday when I declared that I was feeling "a bit peckish".  And for good reason as we were heading home from the Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Party where we literally ate the afternoon away...

In keeping with my current obsession with Lebanese food I suggested we make a quick detour to Auburn so I can make sure I'm well and truly stuffed to the brim before heading home for the night.

We do a quick lap of Auburn, checking out the various Lebanese and Turkish cafes.  After our visit to Lakemba last week I'm feeling a major craving for hommus with meat.

In the end we settle on Jasmin1 as its ENORMOUS outdoor menu confirms they can satisfy my hommus with meat craving.  I love that we don't even to venture inside to check out the menu, Jasmin1 ensures even the passing traffic know what's on offer.

The restaurant is quiet when we arrive at 5.30pm, but with the amount of indoor and outdoor seating they have I suspect things get pretty busy as the night wears on.  

Jasmin1 (which I think may be called "1" as they also have restaurants in Lidcombe, Granville and Guildford which I assume are "2", "3", and "4") offers Hommus with Chicken ($12.00) and The Boy thinks we should give this a try.

We can smell the smokey BBQ chicken headed for our table the moment the waiter leaves the kitchen.  It takes all The Boy's strength not to devour the dish before all my happy snaps are taken.

I think that $12.00 for this dish is a real bargain as it comes with a basket of Lebanese bread (more than we can actually eat) and a plate of pickles, complete with big hunks of tomato, onion, chills, mint, gherkins and olives. As with all the Lebanese places we have been eating at recently the fuchsia pink pickled turnip brightens up the plate.

The BBQ chicken is deliciously crispy on the outside yet still tender inside.  The smokiness of the meat is divine!!!  The hommus also has a wonderful smokey flavour and is not at all oily.

I tried eating my dip in the Lebanese way, using the bread like a spoon to scoop up the dip and meat, but in the end had to ask for a knife and fork as I am so uncoordinated I ended up with dip all over my hand. The dip and meat are lovely when rolled up with the pickled vegetables and mint.  Mmmm.

I think I need to give a special shout out to the decor at Jasmin1.  Occupying a former Pizza Hut I'm impressed by the opulent chandeliers they have installed. 

On the plus side, I left the restaurant feeling well and truly full.  The down side is that I am still craving hommus with meat. D'oh!

Jasmin1 is at 22 Civic Road, Auburn.  Jasmin1 is a Halal restaurant and no alcohol is allowed.


  1. I love the look of the BBQ chicken with Hommus!! - It's like a Hommus bowl!! Yumm!!!!!

    So..... did you have fun at the bloggers picnic??? Do tell - is this another blog perhaps???

  2. You can't go wrong with Lebanese BBQ chicken! It looks awesome piled in the mountain of hommus, YUM!

    It was great to finally put a face to a blog and competing with you in the food blogger's olympics. Go team fondant penguin! LOL

  3. Now that's what I call a chandelier! Lovely to meet you at the picnic and yes, I think everyone was craving something savoury after the picnic!

  4. Ooohh I gotta gets me some of that chicken, that looks divine!

  5. woah that swirl of hommus is crazy! great to finally meet you in person dude!

  6. wow, gotta try this place when we're in the area next. so sorry didn't get a chance to chat at the picnic.. another time! xxx

  7. @Cate - I'm a now officially addicted to Hommus with with meat. Yum. The bloggers picnic was great...nice, friendly and welcoming people and GREAT food. Not sure if I'll write a post as I don't have many pics.

    @Phuoc - was so nice to meet you and compete in the Olympics together. Our detour to Auburn on the way home was a genius idea...BBQ Chook...drool.

    @Helen - isn't that chandelier crazy! So fancy! I enjoyed meeting you and chatting. Thanks for organising the event.

    @Shawn - Lebanese BBQ Chook = awesome. There are SOME advantages to being a westie.

    @Suze - lovely to meet you too, and thanks for organising the was really great.

    @Thang - we "nearly" went to Sofra, but I was ambushed by Jasmin1 and their enormous outdoor menu.

  8. Hey I thought you said no dinner that night! what happen?? haha it was nice meeting you and Dave keep in touch , will send you copy of some pics in a sec.

  9. Hi Wendy! Yes yes, I know what I said, but as soon as I hopped into the car I started to feel a bit peckish. My dinner tummy required feeding! It was lovely to meet you too...hope to see you at the next event (and yay, send over some piccies...that would be great)!

  10. Lovely to meet you at the picnic and I hear you on the peckish front - I somehow managed to fit in two meals later that night (must have still had room in my savoury stomach!) Cheers G

  11. Hi Georgia - I was RAVENOUS when I left the picnic. How mental is that? Great to meet you too...I've started following your lovely blog.

  12. hey Mel couldn't find your email to send thru the pics. do u wanna send a msg to and I will pics thru =)

  13. So lovely to have met you and the boy at the picnic!
    hopefully we can see each other again in the new year :)
    I share the same obsession with lebanese food - I can never get enough! Jasmin1 opened a branch in liechardt too can't wait to try it!

  14. $12 for all of that, that is amazing. Definitely enough to feed at least 2 people.

  15. The lunch in a normal Lebanese restaurant is very problematic for me. I don't like to have hot food for lunch.


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