Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chirstmas Cupcakes

How amazing do these cupcakes look (you don't have to answer that as I know they look totally AMAZING, right)?

Our work Christmas party was yesterday and in addition to the usual savoury food they had an entire tent just for desserts.  AN ENTIRE TENT!!! Drool!

Surprisingly, for most of the afternoon everyone was lining up to get a taste of the savoury treats so the dessert tent was virtually empty...more cupcakes for me (insert evil laugh here)!

I tried this lovely daisy cupcake - bliss! There is just something about cupcake icing that is totally magical, and totally addictive. 

Oooo - I may have also indulged in a chocolate tart...but I shared this with someone so the calories don't count at all!  Really!

They had a bit of an Alice in Wonderland theme going on...very cute. Croquet anyone?



  1. That sounds like a great Christmas party! Beautiful photos; those cakes & tarts look amazing!

    Also, love your idea of High Tea for your wedding reception :)

  2. Hi Jane - the X-mas party was lovely, we have a beautiful venue at work for it so it always feels speical. You should see how green the lawn is - I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I first moved back from BH!

  3. Wow0 ENTIRE TENT, I would have gone insane! P.S don't you know that any calories consumed in the name of Christmas don't count?!

  4. It was a pleasure sharing a tart with you Miss Piggy ... wait ... oh you know what I mean :D


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