Monday, August 18, 2014

PappaRich, Chatswood

I celebrate the opening of Pappa Rich in Parramatta (yay for another Malaysian food option in my ‘hood..and just another food option in general) by heading over to Chatswood (as you do) for an epic Malaysian feast.

Whilst I’m all about supporting the business in my suburb the lure of meeting Pappa Rich’s newest (and first) ambassador, Poh (aka Poh from Masterchef) was too hard to resist.

Poh is as lovely in real life as she has always appeared on TV.  Her energy and bubbly nature are infectious as is her love for Malaysian food (she was still fully devouring the banquet as "her people" were trying to drag her off to the airport for the flight home - love a gal who loves her food as much as I do)!

And here's Poh and I...we're totally BFFs now!

Our feast kicks off with LOADS of different dishes that include Roti Canai – a flatbread that is quite theatrical in the making with the dough being tossed and spun like a circus trick to achieve its soft, fluffy texture.

Roti Canai with Tandoori Chicken - served with a side of spicy sambal and a cooling yoghurt raita (I like how these two balance each other out, hot vs cool). The tandoori chicken is so tender and flavorsome and you’ll be left with pink fingers as you try to pick every bit of meet off the bone. 

Roti Planata – a sweet style Roti Canai with margarine and smidgen of sugar sprinkled throughout the bread. It’s interesting to eat a sweet roti with the savoury, spicy accompaniments and surprisingly (to me) it works.

Roti Canai with Beef Rendang – my favourite as I basically love Beef Rendang, it’s my all-time favourite curry (closely followed by a Thai yellow curry as I love the potatoes in that dish).

Satay – a HUGE platter of satay beef and satay chicken is accompanied by housemade satay sauce, red onions and cucumbers. The satay is marinated in fresh lemongrass and turmeric (not sure if this is an authentic Malaysia style or not, but it’s tasty).

Chicken Curry Laksa – the most popular style of laksa in Australia (until recently I had no idea there WAS any other style of Laksa) cooked in a spicy coconut gravy with chicken, tofu puffs, beancurd skin, beansprouts, fish cakes and the kitchen sink! If you’ve dined in a food court you’ve probably had this version of Laksa.

Pappa Asam Laksa – I cannot enough of this dish!!! Until last year I had NO idea Asam Laksa was a “thing”. I am now so in LOVE with the sour flavor that comes from the tamarind broth topped with shredded pineapple, mint and shrimp paste. Another soup with just about everything in it plus the kitchen sink – we have lettuce, chilli, cucumber, red onion. This is now my laksa of choice. Two hoofs up from me.

Pappa Special Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken and Sambal Prawns – I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nasi Lemak, probably as it always comes with Ikan Bilis (little dried, crunchy, salty anchovies) and peanuts. I love mixing the Ikan Bilis and Peanuts in with the rice and incorporating some of the hot hot hot spicy sambal for good measure. The cucumber provides the right amount of “coolness” for the mouth if you overdo the sambal (which I always do).

Fried chicken skin - really not much to say about this other than "OMG, IT'S INCREDIBLE, LIKE THE TRUE ESSENCE OF CHOOK...AND NO I DON'T WANT TO SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE. EVER".

This is just a really a small sample of the food on offer at Pappa Rich. There menu is HUGE and I’m dying to get back ASAP to try the Kaya Toast with a side of soft-boiled eggs. Come to mumma!

The Pappa Rich menu also has a TONNE of drinks on offer, from Kopi (that's coffee to you and I), Teh (Tea) and a range of fruit based drinks. You won't be left thirsty here that's for sure with the drinks menu being almost as long as the food menu. I LOVE this as I find the drinks (and deserts) on offer in SE Asia always so colourful and appealing.

Pappa Rich Chatswood is at 63A Archer St, Chatswood. Phone them on 9411 3207.

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  1. Good to see all the popular eateries are opening a branch in your neighbourhood. I'm sure that contributes to better traffic, too :)

  2. I'm an absolute sucker for Papparich - I'm very close to Chatswood, and it's my go-to option whenever I'm stuck for dinner!

  3. Helen (grabyourfork)August 21, 2014 at 7:03 PM

    That chicken skin! And love the endless options on the drinks menu too.

  4. Cindy (a foodie's joy)August 23, 2014 at 7:41 AM

    Looking forward to trying the fried chicken skin! I have same love of Nasi Lemak as you! Hehe! :)

  5. The chook skin is pretty amazing! It's dangerous having this place so close to home!

  6. The drinks menu is probably bigger than the food menu...epic!

  7. I like that I can duck in here for any early dinner before heading home.

  8. We've got some great places opening...very happy with my suburb at the moment!

  9. How lovely is Poh!? Massive girl crush on that lady, I wish I was as bubbly and free-spirited. I met her last year at Taste of Sydney Festival and she was unbelievably nice!


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