Monday, May 12, 2014

The Tuckshop, Glenhaven

Whilst numerous cafe owners continue to set up shop in places like Surry Hills and Newtown, we're beyond chuffed that the guys behind The Baron have opened their new cafe in Glenhaven. We give two thumbs up for people who can see the potential of a cafe outside of the city...

Where's Glenhaven you ask? Once you get to Castle Hill...keep going which is perfect for Western Sydney dwellers like Dave and I!

We love this little motto printed on the menu of The Tuckshop, "where it's not the city and we couldn't care less". 

There's a lot of delicious looking food on the menu but we're here to try the burgers, that have already gained quite the reputation during the few short months that The Tuckshop has been open.

In keeping with "the tuckshop" theme all of the food arrives in these little (recycled cardboard) take-a-way containers...whether you choose to eat in or not. There's a great bigpark next to The Tuckshop so on a sunny day we'd bring a blanket and go eat in the park.

There are A LOT of tasty-looking burgers to choose from but I cannot go past the classic Cheeseburger (a bargain at $12.00) that comes packed with a beef patty, cheese, onions, mustard and ketchup (aka tomato sauce for you die hard Aussies).  The burger comes with a generous serve of old bay seasoned chips.

This is a REALLY GOOD burger! The bun is brilliantly soft and the beef patty is flavoursome and also nice and juicy. The combination of pickle, mustard and ketchup is so tangy and tasty -it's everything a cheeseburger should be. As soon as I finish this burger I debate with myself I could eat another one (sadly the answer was NO)!

The Boy is also swayed by the burger menu and orders "The Lot" ($16.00) and it is a massive burger crammed with a beef patty, bacon, egg, cheese, beetroot relish, tomato, lettuce that is topped with a smokey BBQ sauce.

This a a burger that must be eaten with two hands and deft maneuvering to make sure the egg stays put! The Boy tells me it's very good and has all the components of your classic Aussie burger from a little beach-side corner store.

Of course, all good burgers must have a great milkshake to help wash it down with. It's hard to pass up a Caramel Milkshake when it's on offer ($5.00) and like "the lot" burger, it's a classic flavour reminiscent of the milkshakes of our childhood.

We really enjoyed out lunch at The Tuckshop and cannot wait to go back. The guys have created a cosy, welcoming little space, with delicious food, that is much needed in our area. I'll be back for sure...and very soon!

The Tuckshop is at Shop 1,78 Glenhaven Road, Glenhaven.

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  1. I'm a suburb-dweller as well (northern), and only go into the city once or twice a week - not enough to try all the different inner-city places that everyone raves about! There's definitely quality places out in the burbs - you just have to know where to go.

  2. Hi Mel, I love their slogan about not being in the city...very cool. Those burgers look good and I am a huge fan of an old school milkshake. With a park next door this place sounds very user friendly!

  3. Oh wow.....that Cheeseburger!! :)

  4. Cindy (a foodie's joy)May 13, 2014 at 7:26 PM

    I agree! Great place to have a very good burger outside of the city! I can't wait to return. :)

  5. love the tuckshop! the double cheeseburger + malt milkshake = happiness

  6. Looks like a great place! The burgers look really delicous! :D


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