Thursday, May 15, 2014

Parlour Burger, The Rocks

Miss Piggy received a $50 voucher from Parlour Burger to enjoy their food + drink.

$10 burgers? Yes please!

It's nice to see more and more restaurants and cafes opening up in the CBD, giving hungry Sydney-siders (and tourists) more city-eating options. I remember when I first started visiting Sydney (back in the 80s) and the only place to sit down and eat up towards Circular Quay was City Extra, a few dodgy pubs...or McDonalds. Blergh.

You can find Parlour Burger nestled behind the recently revamped (and very swish looking)  Morrison Hotel on the top end of George Street.

Whilst the menu (and decor) at The Morrison are a little fancy, Parlour Burger is all about the burger in a traditional looking pub setting. And, the $10 burger at that!

There are five burgers on offer here, including a fish burger, chicken burger and a vegetarian burger. The BFF and I decide to try both the beef burgers on offer, and opt for our pattie to be well cooked rather than the recommended "pink" Parlour Burger suggest.

We start with the Orignal Morrison Burger that comes with Chipotle Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato and gherkins (yay)! I really liked this burger - it had a good, classic flavour with just a tang of heat from the chipotle mayo. The bun was neither soft nor hard, and lacked the overly sweet afternote that the currently popular buttermilk buns seem to have.

The Black Widow certainly packs a visual punch with its bun coloured black by charcoal. Yes, charcoal! The charcoal doesn't change the flavour of the bun (that I could detect) so fear not traditional bun-lovers!  The guts of this bun are basically the same as The Original Morrison asides from the inclusion of fresh jalepenos that certainly pack more of a punch than their pickled counterparts.

Where there are burgers there must be chips, duck fat chips ($6.00) to be precise!  These weren't as crunchy as I thought they would be, but were still very tasty.

I had REALLY wanted to try the deep fried pickles that are on the menu, but they'd run out by the time we arrived, so we opted for the cabbage salad with parmesan slaw ($5.00).

Parlour Burger is at 225 George Street, The Rocks. Phone them on 9247 6744.

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  1. That Black Widow certainly looks alarming! I like the look of the cabbage slaw though - looks yummy.

  2. Duck fat chips and coleslaw are two of my favourite sides. Can definitely enhance a burger experience, IMO.


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