Thursday, January 09, 2014

Grill'd, Westfield Parramatta

The Boy and Miss Piggy dined as guests of Grill'd.

Grill'd has recently opened up a second Parramatta location, inside the dreaded Westfield shopping centre. But fear not!  They are located right near Events Cinemas and you can get up to Grill'd and out again via the escalator on Church Street without even having to go IN to Westfield. That's what I call winning people!


I like that there is a little enclave of restaurants near the cinemas now. As well as the eateries outside near the bus terminal you'll find a good selection of places to eat before/after your movie up on Level 4.  There's Phoenix of course, Guzman Y Gomez and now Grill'd. Maybe they'll get rid of all the kiddie shops up here and it'll be food as far as the eye can see (a girl can dream, right)?

The Boy went for the biggest burger he could find, enter The Almighty (normally $13.50).  This burger was groaning with its delicious filling of grilled grass fed lean beef, tasty cheese, crispy trim bacon, free range egg, topped with a couple of slices of beetroot, some salad, relish and herbed mayo. I manged to nab a bite of this and it was good, and the bun was fairly soft which I love!

For some strange reason I wasn't in the mood for a burger on the day we visited (though I sure am now looking at my photos of The Boy's lunch) so I opted for a salad. I really enjoyed my Chicken, Pomegranate and Goats Cheese Salad (normally $13.90). The flavours were super fresh and it wasn't too heavy a dish. The salad comes with black and white quinoa, Meredith Dairy goats cheese, pomegranate, almonds, mesculin, raspberry and poppy seed dressing. Perfect for a hot summer's day that's for sure.

And whether you're a burger boy or a salad gal, you CANNOT go to Grill'd and pass up their superb chips. I LOVE these chips so much. The herby seasoning is what gets's just so tasty and it is impossible to eat just one chip - I dare you to try! I also think these chips were perfectly cooked, nice crunchy outer shell with a fluffy, pillowy potato innard.

Chips ahoy! Don't play with your Grill'd chips people...they're for eating not for fake moustaches!

Grill'd is at Level 4, Westfield Shoppingtown, 159-175 Church Street, Parramatta.

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  1. i like all the brgers except the cicken oens at grill'd as they r always too dry! and chips ARE for fake mo's!

  2. hehe mel you're so cute! love grilld fries, theyre so addictive

  3. Those guys make great burgers. Quality ingredients make quality food!

  4. oh such a good location! i am always feeling slightly pekish after a movie, now all my problems are solved. Their burgers and chips combos are a lot more filling than they look!

  5. Helen (grabyourfork)January 13, 2014 at 1:07 AM

    haha nice chip-stache! and that burger is huuuuuge!

  6. Tina @ bitemeshowmeJanuary 13, 2014 at 8:05 AM

    oh yes their chips with herb mayo - my favourite!!

  7. Grilled is one of the best options for a great fast food meal. I love their chips as well!

  8. How great would it be if they got rid of the kiddie playground too? I think I need to give Grill'd a second chance..your post has won me over!


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