Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Rag Land Cafe, Redfern

I was first lured to The Rag Land Cafe in Redfern by a pop-up that BBQ aficionado and pop-up master Smokey O was doing at the cafe a few months ago.

I must REALLY love Smokey O's BBQ and smokey meats as I got up EXTRA early to be at the cafe before work...that's like SUPER early considering I have to be in the office around 9am!

You never know what you're going to get with a Smokey O pop-up and that's why it's wise to go to as many of his events as you try everything on offer. I opted for the apple-smoked maple bacon with fried eggs on "texas toast" (which I think means BIG toast, which makes sense seeing as everything in Texas is BIG). That's my breakfast there on the left.  My friend choose the field mushrooms (also giant so maybe also from Texas) with melted cheddar, char grilled capsicum on Texas toast.

I really like the vibe of this cafe - it feels very homely and comfortable with lots of pre-loved furniture and eclectic nick-nacks on the shelves. It sort of feels like my lounge room actually and I knew I wanted to come back....soon.

 ...and, it's not long before I'm back for a big brunch party to meet the newly-born daughter of one of my fellow food bloggers. We toast the new arrival with coffees expertly brewed by cafe owner, and barista, Dave. An iced coffee for me and a flat white for The Boy. The Rag Land also offers "suspended coffees" which I think are great - customers can donate the cost of a cup of a coffee which then goes to providing a cuppa for someone who's not cashed up enough to afford their own fine brew. Nice, isn't it?

I was pretty hungry on this visit and wanted something substantial and the pea fritters + poached egg with rocket and tomato chutney came highly recommended to me by Dave (the cafe owner slash barista, not Dave my husband).  He also suggested I add a side of pork belly which I did and it was DELICIOUS - sweet and savoury with a hint of Asian flavours! As you can see they know how to poach an egg here and it was a really good breakfast that totally hit the spot.

If you guessed that The Boy would order a Big Breakfast then you'd be right. He liked the "build your own" concept and went for toast, mushrooms, tomato, pork belly and poached eggs.

Because this was a celebration brunch we needed to order some cake. The cafe has the cakes, cupcakes and slices baked for them by budding bakers and the snickers cupcake there on the right is baked by our very own blogger friend, Love Swah. Her baked goods are at The Rag Land each weekend and they are GOOD! The cupcake looked kinda lonely on its own so The Boy grabbed a slice of the very large lamington cake.

The Rag Land Cafe is at 129 Ragland Street, Redfern/Waterloo.

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  1. So do they normally have the DIY big breakfast or was it only for the Smokey-O's gig?

  2. If you are game for spicy stuff, do give their Malaysian brekkie (aka breakfast for champions) a try! It's only available on weekends, though ;)

    1. Sounds interesting! Thanks for the heads up.

  3. The Build Your Own is on all the's a good cafe, you should check it out.

  4. that pork belly is looking so darn gooooooooood! glad you both got it on your dishes!

  5. How awesome does that pork belly look! Have been meaning to get along to the Rag Land for ages now.

  6. The big breakfast with the eggs and mushroom blew me away, delicious!Seems like you had a great time :) This made me miss travelling. I used to jet off somewhere for vacations before I got too busy managing a Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba area. You just inspired me to go out more, hahahah!

  7. This looks excellent Mel...I can see why you liked it. Pork belly for breakfast is always going to a winner, right? Those cakes look damn good too. Have fun at EDB, I am guessing I shouldn't have any trouble following along on social media!

  8. I never got to try this place! will have to put it on the list when i go back next!

  9. Woo for the extra side of pork belly!

  10. Sara (Belly Rumbles)November 16, 2013 at 10:54 AM

    Is on my hit list to go visit. I believe Swah has her cakes available there too?


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