Saturday, July 06, 2013

Tripod Cafe, Darlington

Have you ever had "one of those mornings" that can only be cured by an awesome coffee and a tasty breakfast treat?

I had one earlier this week after a 2 hour commute to work following a landslide the night before on my train line.  As I trudged from the station to our office I had a light bulb moment. Surely a homemade muffin and cappuccino from Tripod Cafe would set my day back on the right track.

Tripod is a casual little cafe on Abercrombie Street.  I've had lunch here quite a few times, and also stop in occasional for a coffee on the way to the office.  They always have fresh, homemade muffins loitering on the counter, just tempting me to buy one.This is the type of muffin I really want to know how to bake at home - of if anyone has a SIMPLE recipe for something that looks like the below pretty please flick it my way. Thanks!

The muffin flavours seem to change pretty regularly. In the past I've had orange and poppyseed as well as blueberry, but it is the Rhubarb + Apple that catches my eye on this particular morning from hell.

The muffin is fresh from the oven and still warm when I get it back to the office to munch on. The combination of rhubarb and apple make the muffin deliciously tart.  Elaine from Seinfield would be happy with the crunchiness of this particular muffin top!

Coffee and a muffin set me back $5.50.

Tripod Cafe is at 262 Abercrombie St, Darlington. 

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  1. :) this post makes me soooo happy!! tripod muffins are really one of my favourites and seriously make winter uni days so much better haha. last year they had pear and ginger in the winter months which is absolutely great!

  2. I love a good muffin and they look fab!

  3. I walk past this cafe on my way between the office and uni. Is lunch good?

    1. I like their lunch - I usually get a marinated vege sambo (but I'm not sure what their GF options are).

  4. Those muffins do look good! And what a handy little detour on the way to the office!

  5. I walk past this cafe on my way to work every day, I'll have to go in one day and try a muffin.
    You should also try 'Old Street' still on Abercrombie St, but you have to cross at the lights when walking down from Redfern station. They have excellent coffee and their breakfast... so good!

    1. Funny you should mention Old Street - watch this space.


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