Monday, July 01, 2013

Balcony Garden: Harvest Monday #31

Rocket seems to be another balcony edible that I'm growing that just will not die.  That said it's started to look VERY withered and wrinkly these much so that after I picked this last lot of leaves I pulled the whole thing up by the roots and binned it.  I think I'd had about 6 good months with this rocket which I think is pretty good - I just snipped off whatever leaves I needed and the plant keep producing.

I'm trying to find more vegetarian meals to cook at home and I always find that rocket (and baby spinach) go well in stews and + curries (as well as salads + pastas). The baby spinach I had growing was scoffed by caterpillars but the rocket survived untouched by any creepy crawlies. Maybe they avoid it as it's so peppery in taste.

This Butter Chickpea Curry is from one of my favourite recipe blogs, The Stonesoup, a blog that is crammed full of quick and simple recipes.

Sadly for me I think I messed up somewhere along the way. I'm not use to cooking with spices (to date I've always opened a jar of pre-mix curry sauce...but I'm trying to change my ways) and I think I added WAY too much garam masala.  I possibly should have added it at the end rather than the beginning and maybe the curry needs some onion or "something". Who knows (if you know of a great butter chickpea recipe throw it this way please).

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  1. Wow, that rocket has really served you well! Nothing nicer than a good chickpea curry.... I haven't made one in ages....

  2. I've never tried rocket in a warm dish (I have issues with warm lettuce) - is it good?? I don't have a recipe for chickpea curry - yet - but I do have a kilo of dried chickpeas waiting to be used... I'll try that one (no butter, sounds healthier!) :-)

  3. Well done, rocket! 6 months is a super long time to last. Maybe I should add it to my balcony too.

  4. I've never tried rocket in a warm dish either. Does the peppery-ness change? How does the heat affect it?


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