Friday, May 31, 2013

Ramen Zundo, Chinatown

My ramen-loving friends from Street Food staged an Ippudo intervention and dragged me out of Westfield and down to World Square to try their new favourite ramen joint, Ramen Zundo.  After just one bowl of their "Zundo Black" I'm a convert!

We place our order at the counter and receive our magic number so the friendly waitstaff can deliver our bowls of heaven directly to our table. If 42 is the "meaning of life" does then mean that ramen is actually the meaning of life?

I order a hard-boiled soft-yolk egg ($2.00) on the side to add to my a fork. After three decades of trying to use chopsticks I finally give up! The only way not to make a fool of myself is to just bite the bullet and ask for a fork.

I think I've finally decided on my "go to" bowl of ramen - tonkatsu broth (pork) with black garlic oil.  I fell in love with this at Ippudo and I'm pleased to say that the Black Zundo ($11.90) version here is just as good. The broth here is not too thick so there is no overly oily, collagen rich mouth feel. I like the pungent, slightly burnt flavour the garlic oil adds and it's just a little bit salty too. The pork slices were so tender and melt-in-the-mouth and the noodles were soft, but not too soft. Perfection in a bowl.

Mr Shawn orders the Sea Salt Ramen ($11.00). Despite its name the saltiness in this soup is quite mild and the broth is quite clear and thin -- more like a Chinese wonton soup broth than a thick, rich ramen. I think this would be a great warming bowl of soup for when you're feeling a bit under the weather.

The Assari Tonkotsu Niboshi is Miss Chicken's ramen of choice and it's another really great soup.  This ramen is a lighter pork broth that is flavoured with one of my all time favourite foods - anchovies! It's slightly salty, but the anchovy taste is not overpowering.

Ramen Zundo is at Shop 1030 World Square - 644 George Street, Sydney.

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  1. You're really making me curious about the garlic oil, I might have to go back just to try it :)

  2. It's awesome how we have so much choice for ramen in Sydney! The black garlic oil sounds like it's worth a try - I haven't been back here since it first opened

  3. you can't use chopsticks? interesting. the pork broth looks amaze.

  4. My mum is Chinese-Indonesian, and she often asks for a fork too when eating out. She's skilled with chopsticks but still finds forks "more practical". So you're not alone! :)

  5. Oh I love Ramen!! When ever I am in Sydney a Ramen stop is high on my "to do" list! "to do" list is only about food ;)

  6. hehe love the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy reference

    1. i love the look of those eggs ;). gotta check this out soon especially in this weather.

  7. Just had ippudo and pork buns last night, but the black garlic oil from zundo sounds good!!!

  8. I have to head back to Zundo.... it is defnitely ramen weather now

  9. This ramen post is perfect for the current winter chill!

  10. i was just thinking about ramen when i came across this post. i want ramen. NOW.


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