Saturday, May 04, 2013

Chez Dres + South Melbourne Market, South Melbourne

The number of cafes to visit in Melbourne seems absolutely endless and choosing where to brunch during a a short trip away is enough to raise my anxiety levels so much that I need a holiday from my holiday planning.  So many cafes, so little time.

Che Drez is a fantastic warehouse cafe located in South Melbourne - a suburb that I'd never even heard of before (though it makes sense that if there's a North Melbourne there's gotta be a South Melbourne lurking out there somewhere).

We take the magical #96 tram to South Melbourne - this trams seems to take us everywhere we want to go on this February trip. I love traveling by tram, am absolutely obsessed by them. I'm sure if I moved to Melbourne I'd try and wrangle myself a job as a tram driver.

The iced coffees in Melbourne all seem to come served in a tall glass with a scoop of ice-cream and a scattering of coffee beans on top. I like chewing on the coffee beans - it makes me feel more like I'm having a caffeine hit and less like I'm eating dessert for breakfast.

More often than not my brunch choice these days is the vegetarian option. I just don't feel the need to eat meat at's a bit of overkill really and probably not all that healthy for your insides.  The veggie petit dejeuner ($17.50) is exactly what I'm after. Despite its name this brunch isn't all that petite (not that I'm complaining + I assume petit means petite?) - poached eggs on sourdough with potato rosti (yum), sautéed mushrooms, Provençal tomato, spiced avocado and tomato chutney.

Before ordering his meal The Boy asks what the budget is for brunch as he has his heart (and tummy) set on the hefty Le Bonhomme Breakfast ($23.50).  We're on holidays which means there is no brunch budget (within reason - I couldn't bring myself to fork our $40 EACH for the breakfast at our hotel, The Langham).  His plate is filled to overflowing with all manner of goodies - housemade Toulouse sausage, bacon, 'Grandmother' ham, Berkshire pancetta, mustard, tomato pickle, fried eggs and grilled sourdough.  Clearly I am the only one in this relationship concerned about overloading on meat at breakfast.

As we head around the corner to pay our bill at the cash register the cafe reveals itself to be twice the size we originally thought it was.  It was hard to tell from our cozy little corner near the espresso machine just how big the cafe is.  Sitting in pride of place is a jaw dropping display of sweet treats to tempt of the most satiated of diners. We don't buy anything but sample a few of the goodies on offer -  it would be rude to leave them sitting there.

After a brunch we go for a quick spin around the South Melbourne Market. The weather is really way too hot during our visit to appreciate anything Melbourne has to offer (sadly).  The market is like a condensed version of the sprawling Queen Victoria Market - fresh food and various clothes, shoes and nic nack sellers. Once again Melbourne produces a wonderful market where locals could easily do nearly all of their weekly grocery shop. Jealous.

The South Melbourne Market is at 322-326 Coventry Street,  South Melbourne.

Che Drez is at the rear of 285-287 Coventry Street, South Melbourne.  Phone them on 03 9690 2688.

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  1. I've read a lot about this place and it looks really cute indeed! :D And hehe that's so cute that you'd be a tram driver!

  2. OMG! I am so jealous of you! I really wanted to try this place last time I was in Melbourne. I am glad you chose to brunch at this place instead of paying 40 bucks to The Langham.

  3. This shall be my next stop If ever I head down to Melbourne again. Great shots ! :D

  4. I love Chez Dre! Need to get back :) You must try the eclairs if you're down that way again, they're divine!

  5. so many awesome cafes in Melbourne! i would probably need to spend more than a week to try as many restaurants and cafes as possible sighhhs


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