Monday, November 05, 2012

Biku, Bali

For our final meal in Bali I was keen for The Boy and I to go somewhere...special. You know, to kiss the holiday good-bye in style (that is, to drown our sorrows in food). After our Potato Head outing I wanted something that was a bit more Balinese in style, but that was still a bit more fancy than your local Warung.  

Biku is in the "posh" part of Seminyak and is a gift shop/restaurant located in a beautiful old antique shop.  They do a pretty flash looking high tea if that's your thing - plus serve Indonesian food as well as other goodies. Sounds perfect!

We sit out in the courtyard which is lovely - despite the smokers which seem to plague every outdoor eating area on the island! Boo smokers!  We start things off with some cool drinks - a refreshing watermelon juice with mint for The Boy and a Ginger Fizz for the lady (that's me).

As much as we LOVED the local food in Bali neither of us could pass up the chance to indulge in a burger - cos we're greedy little piggies that LOVE junk food (and we're not ashamed to admit it).  That said, these burgers were the furthermost thing from junk food - they were GOOD, really really good - almost better than the life altering burger I had at Shake Shack in NYC last year. YES, that good.  My cheeseburger was simple, yet delicious - the patty was so juicy and the bun was soft like a pillow. The Boy was pretty happy with his deluxe burger - crammed with mushrooms, cheese, tomato, lettuce + onion jam.

After a few moments for our burgers to digest we move on to dessert. The Boy loves that he's able to order a Pavlova in Bali - now that he knows his favourite dessert is available in here I think he wants to move to Bali!  I settle for big slab of moist Carrot Cake after seeing it land on someone else's table which I help wash down with a Masala Chai Tea.

Almost more fun than the cheeseburger were these neat "towels" we were given at the end of the meal - pop the dry, compressed towel in a bit of water and POOF, you've got yourself a refreshing hand towel. Yes, small things amuse small minds.

And there we have it - our last meal in Bali. It was wonderful, yet sad all at the same time. Sigh.

Biku is at Jl. Raya Petitenget No. 888 Petitenget.


  1. The pavlova does look pretty good. Love the intensity of the strawberry sauce (I think?)! Those towel look like make up wipes lol

  2. Yeah, boo to the smokers. I didn't make it to Shake Shack in NYC so maybe I can fly to Bali and try the burger. Seeing it's closer, and all. Lol at your excitement with the refresher towel.

  3. Love the decor of this place! I thought the towels were some creative thai desserts for half a second! lol

  4. lol those compact towels...honestly thought they were huge complimentary mints at first........

  5. I bought myself some of those compact towels when I was in NYC, I seriously want to play with them but saving them for something special, what I am not sure!


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