Saturday, September 22, 2012

Xanthi, Sydney

The idea of restaurant dining inside a shopping centre is a bit of a foreign concept in Australia (well it is to me). As far as I know Westfield Sydney is the first shopping centre in Oz to have no only a food court but a plethora of restaurants, and some very good restaurants at that.

My inner-tight arse is lured to Greek restaurant Xanthi for their $30 Tuesday night dinner as part of Westfield’s “Chefs Club” – an initiate aimed at boosting diner numbers during the slow winter months.

I’m pretty impressed with how nice Xanthi is – for most of the evening I forget we are inside a shopping centre and bore The BFF to tears exclaiming “wow, it really doesn’t feel like we’re in a shopping centre does it”? I get a roll of his eyes in reply.

For our $30 we are treated to a dinner of Greek Cha (little bites) and I’m well and truly full by the end of the night. Service is quick and fairly friendly, though we do almost end up with our food in our laps a few times as the waitress keeps sneaking up behind us to put the plates on the table. Stealthy.

Things kick of Tarama (fish roe dip) and Pita Bread. The Tarama is light and fluffy with just the right amount of saltiness for this salt fiend. The Pita Bread is like a soft, fluffy pillow. This is good stuff!

Moving right along we're presented with a great Greek Salad. Greek salad is my all time favourite salad and this is great - the big creamy hunks of feta and dried herbs really making the dish a winner. The Spinach Pie comes in neat little cigars, like a Greek spring roll and it's delicious. The pastry is super crunchy and the filling lush and creamy.

Next up is a delicious serving of crispy Fried School Prawns.  Man, these are good. I love crispy school prawns - it's a dish that never fails to disappoint wherever I have it.  The BBQ Octopus is another winner, being charred perfectly and wonderfully tender.

The Lamb Chops are amazingly tender and flavoursome and it seems a shame to just have one chop each.  And last but not least another of my all time favourite dishes - BBQ Haloumi Cheese with just the right amount of squeak.

We finish our Greek Cha with a lovely Patsavoura - a sticky, sweet phyllo pie that is the dessert of our dreams.

Xanthi is on Level 6, Westfield Sydney (take the escalator up from Pitt Street Mall, next to Sportsgirl - or just follow your nose).

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  1. Really good value for $30. Don't know about the serving sizes but I know the quality is good.

  2. Looks delicious Miss Piggy. I love all things Greek...especially the bread and dips and lamb and cheese, everything really :)

  3. wow I would be amazed at eating this sort of stuff in a shopping centre too - sounds like a great meal - did you get to watch the shoppers go buy (pun intended) too?

  4. Such great value for $30! Looks like a great spread - soo dying to try Xanthi!

  5. I wanna get mah hands on those patsavoura! mmmm

  6. I wanna get mah hands on those patsavoura! mmmm I absolutely love that fish roe dip!

  7. Hello spinach pie! Sounds like great value for $30

  8. yum! I must go back to try other dishes

  9. Love Xanthi - yet after two visits there's still so much on the menu I want to try!

  10. Mmmm~ all the photos and descriptions make me go CRAZY!!
    Must add this to our "upcoming" list!!


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