Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Rouse Hill Farmers Market, Rouse Hill

I always joke to The Boy (and anyone else that will listen) that I will never venture any further west than good old Parramatta. As a former Darlinghurst resident I feel like I have a big 20km bungee cord attached to my waist...the other is tied around Centerpoint/AMP/Westfield tower and it won't stretch beyond Parramatta. Thing is we did "go west" on last weekend...and found a great new farmers market in Rouse Hill. I think my bungee cord has stretched...just a little.

Truthfully, before last weekend I actually had no idea where Rouse Hill even was...turns out it's not too far from Parramatta.  It's a shinny new suburb complete with a purpose built town centre, shops, housing, cinemas, restaurants, parks, community get the gist. And with a brand-new Farmers Market on each Saturday (9am - 1pm) it turns out that the new Rouse Hill has everything you could ever want (apart from a beach and a a train station that is).

I actually found out about these new markets from fellow tweeter Tim, who runs Smokey O's BBQ.  Tim (and his wife Lindsey) were running a stall at the markets (their first ever market stall) offering (free range) Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwiches ($8.00) with 'slaw + BBQ Sauce. Yes please (in fact I'll have two if you don't mind).  Lindsay says that Tim is obsessed with BBQ'ing and it shows - the pork is smokey, juicy, packed with flavour and beyond delicious.

Of course it wouldn't be lunch without something sweet to finish. This chatty young fellow, Oskar, was quite the salesman, convincing us to buy two pieces of this delectable Caramel Slice ($2 each). We enjoyed a slice of Chai Caramel Slice and took a piece of Peppermint Caramel Slice home for later, Ron.

We washed all of this down with a cold cup of Homemade Lemonade ($4.50). There were quite a few food stalls at the markets. Apart from the ubiquitous Gozleme Stall (seriously, I never knew Sydney had so many old Turkish ladies about to wo-man all these Gozleme stalls) there were dumplings, sausages in rolls, macarons, Bacon & Egg rolls...the list goes on. 

Like all good farmers markets Rouse Hill had a good selection of produce on offer - three stalls selling fresh fruit and vege, a butcher selling pasture-raised beef + lamb, an egg seller (organic AND free-range eggs), stalls selling various baked sweet-treats and a stall selling bread (who'd sold out by 10.30am)!!!


There was also a jumpling castle for the kiddies as well as Shetland Pony Rides. As neither the ponies or the jumping castle were edible (in Australia at any rate) I didn't pay them much attention.

The markets are only new - last week being their very first spin around the block.  I was really impressed by how many stalls there were and how receptive the local community were to a farmers market.

The market organisers are still looking for stall holders - if you're interested in having a stall yourself you can contact Elizabeth from Organic Food Markets on 02 9999 2226.

The Rouse Hill Farmer's Market are held each Saturday 9am - 1pm at Rouse Hill Town Centre - plenty of marketing under the dreaded Coles or Woolies.


  1. Please tell me that pulled pork sandwich is there every week???? I have to have it!! Thanks for the great write up I'm definitely tempted to swing by!

  2. Hi @allyoudoiseat I have happy news for you! The BBQ crew will be there every week (they do ribs too). Enjoy!

  3. I just love farmers markets! So much great fresh produce available - and 100x better quality than the stuff at Coles and Woolies.. Hahahh @ your comment on Gozleme. They have a permanent stall at any kind of markets / fetes / fairs - it ain't a market or fair without the Gozleme ladies!

  4. OMG I haven't been to Rouse Hill in months! We use to frequent here. Glad to know that there's a farmers market going on there now. Gotta try Tim's food!

  5. Excellent Miss many good things. Those sweet slices look like works of art, SO hungry now :)

  6. This market looks great. I have never been to Rouse Hill either. Looks like you were there on a great day. Love the look of that chocolate peppermint slice and quite a bargain at $2.00 xx

  7. You're right, it's not far at all! Could be a good spot for Saturday grocery shopping and lunch!

  8. That homemade lemonade looks divine...wish I was closer! I have 'market envy' now.

  9. Oooh shetland pony riding! Unfortunately, with my excessive height, I'd step over it and still have room beneath my legs.
    I have heard of Rouse Hill and like you, never seem to go west. Even Parramatta is a far for me. Call me the insular Inner Westie!
    Great-looking markets!

  10. wow never new they exist. evie loves the pony at orange grove so this would be a winner! i quite like the rouse hill shops set up.

  11. What a wonderful post, I really miss market like this.Thanks for share

  12. Nice post Mel. Love good markets!

    Just thought I would clarify that Rouse Hill is not a new suburb. It has been around since the 1800s! And the Rouse Hill Town Centre (shopping centre) was opened 5 years ago... so not as shiny and new as you might think!

    Haven't been to the markets yet but they look great. All Rouse Hill needs now is some nice cafes like Circa in Parra!

  13. Ohh so going there just for the pulled pork sandwiches!! There used to be a monthly market at Rouse Hill up until last year I think, when it stopped the Castle Hill one went fortnightly. Good to hear they have opened up again!

  14. Tara - I agree. Lunch date in Rousey, with a bit of shopping on the side perhaps?

    John - I think shetland ponies have "little man complex"...they're kinda angry and bitey.

    Lex - thanks for the history tip. I knew Rouse Hill had been around for ever, but this part of the hood is all brand spanking the Truman Show.

    Carly - I've heard that when (if) development of the Castle Hill train station starts at their showground those markets will stop forever - sad!


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