Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bar Kodama Sushi, New York

Bar Kodama Sushi was a bit of a random find but it was a real highlight of our trip.  Miss M and I were off to see a Broadway Show (that was technically a bit "off Broadway" being somewhat west of Broadway) and needed a bite to eat beforehand. We thought we'd head over to the theatre and see what was in the area. I was craving Sushi but didn't fancy my chances.

Oh ye of little faith! Right across the road from the theater was a great little Japanese restaurant that satisfied my craving and made sure I had a full belly for the show.

The sushi counter was staffed by three Latino looking chaps who churned out some fantastic tasting sushi. If I was a local I'd be pretty happy to have this place in my neighbourhood.

We start off with a seaweed salad  (US$4.75) which was fresh and zingy.  I really love seaweed salad but it's one of those foods you need to make sure isn't stuck in your teeth after you eat it...not a good look!

Next up is one of my all time favouirtes - Edamame (US$4.00).  Served warm and with a smattering of rock salt it was another great dish.  This was just as good as anything we'd get a great Japanese restaurant in Sydney.

Next up is Nasu Miso (US $6.00) - eggplant cooked with miso paste. This was a great dish.  The eggplant was really "meaty" and quite toothsome. The miso gives the dish a slightly salty taste but this wasn't an overpowering flavour which can sometimes be a bit of a risk when too much Miso paste is used.

And last but by no means least were our two sushi rolls - Salmon-Avo Roll (US$5.00) and a Manhattan Roll aka Tempura Prawn Roll ($6.50). I'd be craving sushi and this was perfect. The rolls were freshly made and the seafood plump and fresh and really reasonably priced thanks to the great exchange rate, and once again comparable to our great sushi back in Sydney.

And the Broadway show? We saw How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying with Mr Harry Potter himself and it was FANTASTIC! It helped that we knew nothing about the show (other than it had Daniel Radcliffe in it) so we had no expectations. The show was funny, fast paced and the script was superb. If it comes to Sydney anytime soon I'd love to see it again...and you should too!

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  1. Love to see a something on broadway one day ;). liked how the eggplant was some moreish =)

  2. AHHHHHH!!!! My dream is to see something on Broadway. I'm so envious!!! The sushi looks so yummy! Now I feel like sushi. =(

  3. Oh yeah, Latinos seem to have invaded all American kitchens. Anthony Bourdain says chefs need to learn Spanish to be able to communicate with their staff.

  4. Oh I always wondered if it would be any good! Looks like a fab night all round :)

  5. broadway- exciting! mr. harry potter - wowww! haha.
    i feel like seeing a show now.

  6. What a great find! Sometimes they do turn out to be the best, don't they.

  7. Ooh yumm sushi, love it and love those edamame beans :) do we have those here in Oz? Never noticed ...


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