Monday, December 26, 2011

Penelope, New York

I have Richard Elliot to thank for introducing me to the delights of Penelope via a twitter plea from me asking for good places to eat in New York.

Turns out that Penelope was just a short stroll from our hotel so Miss M and I ended up there for dinner on our last night in NYC (too dark to take photos) and again for our last breakfast in New York.

Penelope is a cute as button little cafe that is a hugely popular brunch spot for locals in the Murray Hill area where we were staying. The cafe serves "homestyle" cooking in a setting that is a little bit country, a little bit farmhouse, a little bit rustic and totally cute!

Weekend brunch is a BIG deal in New York.  From what I can gather brunch is only served on weekends (though breakfast is served all of the time). Brunch seems to be a bit unique as it comes with coffee/tea and your choice of a cocktail (yes alcohol before noon on a weekend in New York is de rigueur). Because the wait for tables is SO long and we are on a deadline to be at LaGuardia to fly home we nab two spots at the bar as soon as we walk in.

The Night before Miss M had ordered Ellie’s Spinach Pie, and it was delicious. I'm thrilled to see it making an appearance on the brunch menu as it's lush cheesy centre is hard to go past.  The cheeses are rich, flavoursome and moreish and the flaky filo dough is perfection.  The green salad is surprisingly huge and dotted with bits of granny-smith apple which is tart counterbalance to the rich spinach pie.

Miss M goes for something a little more traditionally more brunch-like and orders the Salmon Wrapped Poached Eggs - two farm fresh eggs wrapped in smoked salmon on toasted black bread with green goddess dressing.

All in all Penelopes was the perfect New York way to end our last super in the Big Apple.  Totally cute, totally yummy and totally American.

Bye bye New York...til next time.

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  1. Those look like giant sized meals. Delicious, Mel. Envious of your travels.

  2. What! Your last NY post? Nooo! I think you may be right about brunch only being done on weekends. I thought that was pretty odd. Penelope sounds fab!

  3. Glad you liked it! Penelope was a great place and just five blocks from where I used to live.

    I think you're right about brunch being a weekend thing, but then I was in the office every weekday so wouldn't have been able to indulge anyway...

  4. Spinach pie looks delicious, the servings look huge though!

  5. Ditto on the serving sizes!

  6. I didn't get to experience a New York brunch :( Looks great though!

  7. Brunch at a really cute cafe in NYC with massive servings (and oh em gee at that spinach and cheese roll), definitely no complaints!

  8. Ohhh i'm so excited about finding your blog! I'm going to New York Soon so i'm doing my research woo hoo :) thanks!


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