Monday, September 12, 2011

Crazy Wings, Chinatown

Initially I wasn't going to blog about my visit to Crazy Wings in Chinatown with the BFF - after all it was going to be exactly the same as my beloved Crazy Wings in Chatswood, right? Wrong.

As soon as we sat down and I flicked through the menu I spied a few items that aren't on the Chatswood menu, and out came the camera.

The first tidbit that grabs my eye is the Crazy Prawn with Shell ($6.00 for 3). The Boy and I LOVED these when we visited Crazy Wing in Melbourne and were really bummed that we couldn't get them in Chatswood. As soon as I saw them on the menu in Chinatown I ordred them, declaring to the The BFF that they were ALL mine...but I did let him have one...just one!  The prawns were HUGE which makes it a bit more intellectually challenging to eat the shell, tail, head and legs as you're intended to do - but we did it anyway as all of the lovely flavour is on the shell and the crunchy legs are, well crunchy and who doesn't like crunchy?

Something else that I've not seen at the Chatswood store is the Garlic Eggplant Salad ($5.80). At first mouthful the amount of chilli we inhale is a little alarming, but once the shock wears off the chilli is actually not that hot, and is cut through by a heafty dose of garlic. The char grilled eggplant is smokey and melts in the mouth.

Next up we try the Teriyaki Beef Onion Skewer ($6.00 for 3 skewers) - that's it on the right there.  I'm pretty sure this is on the Chatswood menu, but I've not had it before, thus making it "new".  The beef is charred and sweet with the flavour of teriyaki, but I have to say I prefer the skewers with the peppery season that makes my lips go numb.

After our three "new dishes" it's back to the tried and true dishes that I know and love. We order one skewer of Original Wings and one skewer of Honey Soy Wings ($2.50 per skewer).  My favourite, of course, is the peppery flavoured Original Wing, I prefer it over the sweet honey soy flavoured wing.

A half serve of Crazy Lamb ($8.00 for 6 skewers) well and truly satisfies my need for a savoury, spicy hit. The grilled lamb is tender and flavoursome - I could easily eat half a dozen of these all on my own.

And last but not least one of my favourite salads when eating at Crazy Wings (or even at a dumpling house). The Cucumber Salad ($5.80) for a substantial serve of delicious fresh and crunchy cucumber served with a garlic and vinegar dressing. This simple dish offers the perfect fresh counterbalance to the spiciness of some of the CRAZY skewers.

I know I'm going to be making a return visit to the Chinatown store really soon as The Boy is as keen as a...Crazy Wing to have himself some Crazy Prawns asap!

Crazy Wings is at Shop 41, 1 Dixon Street, Chinatown.

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  1. You do have a love affair with this chain, don't you? It's always good to find new stuff in different locations, to keep things interesting.

  2. Haha, you have seriously earnt yourself the title of spokesperson for their chain!

  3. You know what Miss Piggy, those photos are excellent. To the point that the food on the skewers is looking so yummy that I want to eat what is on my screen right at this moment. If it's low light photography, congratulations on mastering low light photography.

  4. ahh we should go to crazy wings together sometime! weve all been there a lot of times but never together :(

  5. can u believe i have yet to try crazy wings? will definitely give it ago one day!

  6. ohmegawd i love love love skewers !!
    Haha i cant believe ie never even heard of this !!!

    so you reckon the chinatown or the chatty one is betterrr

  7. I still haven't been here! I think I need to try harder to get myself here...

  8. I need to get to Crazy Wings! Everyone is talking about it and the food looks awesome!!

  9. Glad you eventually got to the Chinatown store. I haven't been to any of the others, it is interesting to see that there are different items on the menu.

  10. Oh, that eggplant salad looks SO disgusting, but sounds SO tasty! And the meat looks so tender and juicy, yum :)

  11. Love the menu... kampai in chinese??????


    any place thats crazy is good enough for me!

  12. Haha everything looks really fun there! I love wings and my husband calls me crazy all the time so I think I'd like this place! :)

  13. I like the food when it eventualy comes but the service sucks! you have to ask for items like rice that you ordered or just water. service with no smile!

  14. I like the food when it eventualy comes but the service sucks! you have to ask for items like rice that you ordered or just water. service with no smile!

  15. I like the food when it eventualy comes but the service sucks! you have to ask for items like rice that you ordered or just water. service with no smile!


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