Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sweet Land, Harris Park

Big Sister and her boyfriend, The Colonel, head over to our place on their last day in Sydney for afternoon tea. 

Not being much of a cook (or any kind of cook at all truth to be told) and knowing both Big Sis and The Colonel have a super sweet tooth I knew I’d have to come up with somewhere really good to take them.  And I know just the place...

Sweet Land in Harris Park is a Mecca for sweet tooth's as well as for occasional dabblers in the sweet stuff.  The minute we enter this paradise of sweetness Big Sister groans with delight and I know I’ve made a good choice.

We’re all glued to the cases and cases of Lebanese sweets, dazzled and overwhelmed with the array of goodies on offer.  Sweet Land is a sensory overload, both for the eyes and the tummy.

Both The Boy and The Colonel fail to understand that we are in Baklava Heaven and each of them choose the White Forest Cake ($3.50 eat in) – boring much?  

I did manage to nab myself a spoonful of the White Forest Cake and it was actually really nice. The sponge cake was light and fluffy dotted throughout with pieces of pear and peach instead of the dark red cherries you see in a Black Forest Cake. Compared to the Black Forest Cakes I've tried in the past this offered a lovely, light alternative.

Big Sister knows she’s here for a good time and not a long time so chooses about  five different pieces of Baklava and a piece of Turkish a super strong Lebanese Coffee to help steel her for a night of packing ahead.  I’m really hoping she doesn’t put herself into a sugar coma before we pack her back off to WA.  She tells us that each piece of Baklava she tries is better than the last - high praise indeed.

I’m a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of sweeties on offer so ask the lady behind the counter what’s good?  Without a moment’s hesitation she points happily to a tray filled with Lady's Arm and suggests I treat myself to one.  Deal.   I also throw in a piece of Vanilla Turkish Delight for good measure.


The Lady’s Arm is definitely a winner.  The filing is a deliciously sweet clotted cream encased within a deep fried, crispy pastry shell.  I think that they are trying to get rid of their stock of Lady’s Arms though as we end up with two extra pieces “on the house”... not that I am complaining.  

Sadly, I don’t have high praise for the Vanilla Turkish Delight however as it wasn’t soft and chewy as good, fresh, Turkish Delight should be.  I suspect it had hung around a little longer in the shop than it should have which is a pity as I was really keen to try a flavour of Turkish Delight other than the traditional rosewater.   Better luck next time I guess...and there will be a next time.

Sweet Land is at 55 Wigram Street, Harris Park.


  1. This is definitely a place for anyone with a sweet tooth!

  2. This reminds me of my local! It has so many varieties of baklava! Yum! But must visit this place soon

  3. I feel I am in diabetic heaven!!! Wow!!! Oh I wish I had your life!!!!

  4. I can feel my teeth pulsing just at the thought of that deliciously sweet baklava!

  5. It looks like Ablas (granville)!!!
    I love love love turkish delight and sometimes make my sister in law buy some for me as she works in auburn, i asked my turkish friend where in auburn to get it and then sent my SIL there!!

  6. I love lady's arms, they do a great version at Abla's at Granville, if you can manage to get some. They sell out like hotcakes.

  7. Oink Oink :p Wow I don't think I would know what to choose. So many delicious sweets. Actually I would be walking away with nearly everything you showed us.


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