Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sushi Choo, Sydney CBD

I recently returned to Sushi Choo and the scene of our all-you-can-eat Tapas Train extravaganza, except for this time things are back to normal and the train is hauling a full load of sushi. All you can eat Sushi!!!

On this occasion I've left The Boy at home as I'm catching up with my gal pal, Miss CocoChanel.  As I'm nursing the beginnings of a cold we agree to a quick (and early) after work catch up.  In fact we're so early we arrive 15 minutes before their 5.30pm opening time. Obviously 'early-bird' at the Ivy is not the same as 'early-bird' at the local RSL which serves dinner to the oldies from 4.30pm.

Sushi Choo's $20 all you eat sushi train also wins points with me on a second front as this is my "off pay week" (ie I'm dead broke and hanging out for my next pay day).  This really must be one of the best bargain meals in the city - filling, yummy and cheap-as-chips.

Sushi Choo is just one of many restaurants in the Ivy Complex on George well as about four bars. This place is built for good times, drinking and eating.

There's quite a few restaurants here that I'm keen to try, with both Felix and Ash Street Cellar recently being added to my wish list. There's just something so very Melbourne about lane way dining - love it!

But back to the meal at hand...Sushi Choo.  I was incredibly happy with the range of sushi as I wasn't sure what to expect with an all-you-can-eat offer for just $20.  Dishes ranged from assorted sushi rolls and nigari, to seaweed salad, panko prawns, dumplings, potato noodles, edamane and pasta salad.  The range is not massively huge, but neither is it minuscule.  There was certainly more than enough to make me happy and everything tasted really lovely.

There is also a team of sushi chefs constantly churning out sushi, so everything fresh and the train is constantly being topped up.

I did have a chuckle at the fact that the early bird doesn't finish til 8pm from Monday - Wednesday. By 8pm on a school night I'm usually thinking about crawling into bed. 

We definitely got more than our $20 worth of sushi. Despite coming down with a cold, my appetite did not let me down (way to go stomach)!  I lost track of the number of plates I had, but it would be a very unladylike number of at least ten (hangs head in sushi shame).

Sushi Choo is located within the Ivy complex on the ground floor at 320 George Street, Sydney.  Entry is via the tiny Palings Lane.

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  1. i keep meaning to go here but its awkward to get to, i've do it one night

  2. Your photos turned out great! Love the decor inside Sushi Choo, it's so cute!

  3. That must be one of the best eating bargains in Sydney. Hope you get well from your cold soon.

  4. This is literally right behind where The Job is located, and I had no idea it existed. Thanks for the new after-work dinner idea!


  5. This truly is a bargain and almost unbelievable considering it's in the Ivy coomplex. I can't believe I haven't been there yet!

  6. OMG i'm feeling sick with excitement. i am SO going to get me some of this! thanks for the tip...

  7. I love that mini tree in the vase in the middle of the sushi train. Still haven't been here yet, but want to make the trek. Hope that cold of yours stayed in check.

  8. Hmmm I must try this out soon. There was no plate stacking to work out your tally at the end of it?

  9. Mmmm sushi... I have to convince Mr chipconnoisseur to like it. This offer is a bargain and good to hear that the range wasn't too skimpy. Nice piccies too :-)

  10. Oh Iv been meaning to go here for ages! You;ve reminded me :)
    Its on my list for next week!

  11. They need to have earlybird specials on the weekend!! I could definitely eat more than 20 bucks in sushi!

  12. Aww I remember this from last year. It was great value-I think this is the only time Mr NQN has enjoyed sushi train lol. He usually eats so much we may as well have gone to a restaurant :P

  13. I've always been curious about the quality of that place, and wondered if they just make the cheapo sushi. It looks pretty tasty though...


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