Friday, October 29, 2010

Victoria Street, Darlinghurst – back to the old ‘hood

Last night I ventured back to my old ‘hood in Darlinghurst to have dinner with an old work colleague, Miss J. 

Not that Miss J is old. We’re the same age. And, I’m not old either. I just mean that we used to work together a long time ago…in our younger days.  Before we were oldER. Whatever.

We do a quick tour up Victoria Street and I start to feel a bit nostalgic when we settle on S. Thada Thai Cuisine.  This place used to be my local for Thai takeaway. I’ve had a few eat in meals with family and friends as well.  It’s never disappointed and it didn't last night.

We arrived fairly early (6.30pm) and managed to get a seat in a booth.  We’ve both got dodgy backs at the moment so our one stipulation on restaurant choice is that the chairs MUST have backs. Gee…that does make us sound a bit old and rickety doesn’t it?

In my defence I hurt my back packing to move house (actually, whilst trying on a pair of jeans to see if they should come to the new house). Miss J tells me she slipped a disc doing ‘dead lifts’…whatever they are?

Even though we’re eating early by trendy inner city standards the place is full within 15 minutes of our arrival (the locals must’ve heard I was back in town). 

Miss J and I decide to order two mains and some rice to share. 

I opt for the Yum Neu ($10.80) which is a Thai Beef Salad and one of my all time favourite Thai meals. Although when I was in Thailand I couldn’t handle the amount of chilli they put into their salads.  Even when I asked for no chilli it was still atomic to my tastebuds.

Yum Neu = Yum Yum
I am pleased to report that tonight’s salad had a little hit of chilli amongst the lettuce, tomato, cucumber, shallots and lemon grass – but nothing my mouth couldn’t handle.  The combination of flavours and ingredients is fresh and zesty, and the beef is tender and not overcooked.

Miss J chooses the Goong Choo Chee ($14.80), a classic curry with King Prawns, Kafir Lime Leaves, Peas, Sweet Basil and vegetables.  

Goong Choo Chee
I think this is pretty similar to a Red Curry and obviously has coconut milk/cream in the sauce which makes it cooling after the little chilli hit we’ve just had. S. Thada is generous with the prawns and they are plump and juicy.

I’m very excited when dinner is over as Miss J declares that she is going next door to Gelato Messina for some gelato.  I know I’d be a bad friend if I didn’t go and keep her company.

Wow! The gelatos in this place are SO colourful. It’s hilarious seeing grown adults with their faces pressed against the glass like kids in a candy shop.

What should I have?
I really want to try every flavour but have to stick to the milk free section as milky ice creams and my tummy are not friends (damn you tummy)!  Miss J’s tummy betrays her in a similar way.

I’m intrigued by a flavour I spot called Ricky Bobby – ha! What a funny name for a gelato. I ask for a sample and as it’s handed over I’m told it’s a pumpkin pie homage to the USA’s upcoming Thanksgiving.  It tastes a lot like pumpkin pie – but better.  I actually think pumpkin pie is a bit of an odd dessert and I don’t really like it, but this is good.   It even has little pieces of pie crust amongst the orange hued gelato.  Nice work Messina.

A little bit of a cup
I opt for a tiny scoop of Passionfruit ($3).  Miss J means business and gets a two scoop cup ($4.90) with Coconut Pandan and Mango.  Miss J insists I try both her flavours and I, as a good friend should, allow my little cup to receive her offerings.

The Coconut Pendang is good…so good that Miss J goes back and buys herself one last scoop ($3.90) for the walk back to the car.

S. Thada Thai Cuisine is at 245 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst

Gelato Messina is at 241 Victoria St, Darlinghurst

S. Thada Thai on Urbanspoon

Gelato Messina Darlinghurst on Urbanspoon   


  1. I miss Gelato Messina.....

  2. My workmate raves on about S Thada all the time. I definitely need to check it out soon, I love chilli in my food YUM!

    What a great way to end the night with Gelato from Gelato Messina.

  3. I want some of that pumpkin gelato right now... or the coconut!

    Ricky Bobby is Will Ferrell's character from Talladega Nights - I like his sidekick - "I like to picture Jesus as a figure skater. He wears like a white outfit, and He does interpretive ice dances of my life's journey."

  4. Pumpkin pie gelato? Be still my heart! I wish I could teleport there right now :)

  5. Miss Chicken - I remembered who Ricky Bobby was when I got home. Too funny! The coconut pandan was hands down the winner for me!

    Lorraine - I want to teleport back today to Messina for some more coconut pandan. SO good!

    Phuoc'n Delicious - I'm a chilli wimp, but I'm getting so much better these days!

  6. Nothing will ever top Gelato Messina. I've had the coconut pandan and it's so good, words don't do it justice.

  7. Zina, this was my first pandan experience and I'm totally hooked!

  8. Oh my god that Gelato looks awesome. I have heard only good things about that place and I so want to go!!

  9. Hi Susan - thanks for you comments! The Gelato here is goooood and when I lived in the area I was a regular! I've never had Pandan before and I'm now in love with it.


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