Saturday, December 07, 2013

Me + Mrs Jones, Kingston (Canberra)

Despite all my up-selling and waxing lyrical Canberra is still getting a bad wrap from people. I know it's not Manhattan in terms of loads of mega-exciting things to do, but it's certainly not as dull as some of the places I've lived (I'm not naming towns here as I'm sure to upset somebody if I go on and say that xxx was the most boring place on the planet).

I think could quite happily live in Canberra (for a few years at least), especially when there are cute cafes like Me + Mrs Jones popping up. When we rocked up for breakfast there was a bit of a wait for a table but I assured the waitress that "we are from Sydney and a 20 minute wait for a table was child's play to us". Yes, except for the fact that it was COLD, really cold - the wait was not bad at all.

Me + Mrs Jones is a BIG open space with lots of exposed beams and brickwork and those industrial-type windows over the kitchen that always remind me of a 1930s factory.  There are large mental pendant lights hanging from the exposed beams and cozy nooks and + crannies everywhere. There's also a huge shared dining table that's good for couples to sit side-by-side or for bigger groups.  Despite the hard, industrial edge the room still contains elements of warm and the overwhelming feeling is one of warmth and cosiness.

Despite the cold, when we finally get inside I feel the need for a refreshing juice - mainly as it comes in one of those nifty jam-jar glasses that I love so much. At Me + Mrs Jones you can create your own juice and this one is Orange, Pineapple and Ginger Juice -- a concoction I've been drinking since the time blenders were invented.

The coffees here were very good - a nice, bold flavour and my piccolo latte wasn't too bitter for me (only needing a teensy bit of sugar).  The boy stuck with tradition and had a cappuccino.

There was A LOT on the brunch menu that I wanted to try but in the end it was the blini of rainbow trout, potato and shallot that came with ruby chard, smoked salmon + dill creme fraiche that got my vote. I also added a side of haloumi as it seemed too good to resit. The halmoui was the most golden colour I've even seen and was deliciously salty. I wonder if it did a quick stint in the deep-fryer before being plated up.  The pancakes (aka blini's) were a little on the...gluggy side, perhaps not 100% cooked through, or perhaps too starchy from the addition of potatoes, but the smoked salmon was amazingly fresh.

The Boy really went for a meat filled brunch with the "build your own" Big Breakfast that comes with two free range eggs cooked "how you like"on toast ($12.00). He then added  chat potatoes ($2.00) along with bacon, sausages, grilled haloumi ($3.00 each).  Despite being a little sad that his poached eggs weren't runny I think he enjoyed his breakfast...given that not a crumb was left on the plate afterwards!

Me and Mrs Jones is at 26 Giles Street, Kingston, ACT. Phone them on (02) 6162 3355.

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  1. I lived in Canberra for a few years only recently and loved it. Absolutely adore Canberra... the open space, lack of crazy traffic around the clock, the peacefulness in the suburbs etc. Love it. I'd live there permanently but my only complaint is the food! Everything is so expensive and there's far less variety compared to Sydney. I miss the ethnic diversity we have here in Sydney and the authentic (and cheap!) food that comes along with it. I went crazy without having Cabramatta's awesome Viet and Thai food. Here I can get an amazing pad thai or som tum for <$9.... in Canberra, you're looking between $15-20 for each of those dishes. Crazy! And they don't come anywhere close to being as good as the ones here.

    Anyway. That is my rant lol. As for the peeps that say Canberra is boring or quiet... I say let 'em be - that's what makes Canberra so beautiful, imo. haha

  2. Helen (grabyourfork)December 8, 2013 at 11:51 PM

    Love the name of this place! And lol everything tastes better out of a jam jar right?

  3. Tina @ bitemeshowmeDecember 9, 2013 at 9:13 AM

    I haven't been to Canberra in yonks.. and I used to go annually for the floriade!

  4. BYO big breakfast is always a winner.

  5. I have a friend who moved to Canberra from Melbourne for work and just loves it - she says it's small enough to be homey, but large enough to always have something new to do!

  6. I think Canberra is great - and like you say still a city BUT not crazy crazy like Sydney. You're friend is lucky (though if I lived in Melbs I'd be hard pressed to leave).


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