Monday, October 14, 2013

Balcony Garden: Harvest Monday #43

My mint didn't fare too well after it's stress of a waterless four weeks whilst I lived in up in Europe. I came home to what was basically a dead plant with just a few bits of greenery on it....oops.  So I did what any good gardener would do...chopped of ALL the dead bits (aka the whole plant) and saved any minty goodness to use for myself.

True to its reputation as being a trooper of the balcony-gardener world, the mint has ALREADY started to sprout new greenery, in just over two weeks it's making the come back of all come backs. I'm impressed as after two weeks of being home and back at work I still feel deader than the mint.

With my few scraps of mint I decided to try and replicate one of my favourite breakfast dishes from one of my most favourite cafes in Parramatta - Three Ropes Cafe

And here we have my version of Three Ropes smashed avocado on toast with feta, lemon and mint.  The whole lot has a good drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon with some black pepper + rock salt on top.  It's pretty good - but I don't think it's anywhere near as great at the Three Ropes version. A girl can try though, right?

You can view more Harvest Monday posts on Daphne's Dandelions blog. 


  1. I managed to kill our mint.. It did come back about three times though.

  2. Love the resilience of mint. Such a hardy plant. Have been having avo on toast with Tabasco and crumbled feta but will have to try this trick with lemon and mint as well!

  3. Mint is such a great herb. It's like a zombie - it keeps coming back! Is yours just the regular type? I've got regular and apple mint, but really would like some of the other types like chocolate mint.

  4. I love that combo it's the bomb! I like to add chilli flakes to it as well :)

  5. YUM - best breakfast ever! There is no better way to start the day.


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