Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lord of the Fries, CBD

Hallelujah! Lord of the Fries has finally opened up in Sydney and if this isn't proof that dreams can come true then I don't know what is.

LOTF have swung open their doors on George Street, just near the cinemas.  They opened about three seconds before we headed off to Europe so I had to wait about six weeks to finally get my Sydney LOTF fix. It was a torturous wait. On Saturday I happy danced into their store and had to refrain myself from odering EVERYTHING!


Whilst LOTF does loads of things like vegetarian hot dogs, vegetarian burgers and chicken nuggets (yes EVERYTHING here is vegetarian) it's really their glorious fries I have a love affair with. Why? Because they're AWESOME!

LOTF has a bunch of different sauces and toppings to cover their crunchy, hand cut fries but I cannot CANNOT go past the French Canadian - piping hot vegetarian gravy smothered over super melty shredded cheese. SO. GOOD! I noticed that there's a range of fries on offer now - regular cut, fat cut and sweet potato. I think next time I'll go for the sweet potato fries with Belgian sauce (aka mayo)!

This LOTF is literally a hole in the wall so you'll have to go find a spot somewhere to perch and eat your mound of yummy, crunchy fries. I headed over to World Square and found a seat in the courtyard.

Lord of the Fries is at 537 George Street, Sydney. 

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  1. I do love me some LOTF! We're spoiled with quite a few stores in Melbourne but I haven't been for a while, I think it's time I visited again and tried the sweet potato fries (and maybe the fat cut ones too!)

  2. As a Melbourne native, I was very happy to hear that Lord of the Fries opened up! I love the gravy chips as well - very Canadian! :)

  3. Oh man! I've been wanting to try their Canadian for ages!

  4. This looks really good Mel and suddenly I am SO hungry :)

  5. i heard this opened in Sydney. Loved it when I was in traveling in Melbourne... will have to try when I am in Sydney next!

  6. I can't believe this is so close to me, yet I still haven't visited!! Must rectify this situation ASAP, fries look delicious!

  7. I was disappointed with the Sydney store when it opened (esp since I loved it in Melbourne!) but maybe they were ironing out some issues being newly opened :) I definitely want to try the sweet potato fries!

  8. sweet potato rules all. and love the french canadian - so bad but oh so good!

  9. Not being vegetarian or having eaten at the Melb digs, I'm not feeling the need to rush there to try it out. Saying that, I have heard some pretty nice words, so will get there and nosh shortly.


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