Thursday, November 01, 2012

In My Kitchen: November 2012

I'm going focus this months "In My Kitchen" post on our new "Parsley Cam" as it's seriously the coolest thing happening in my kitchen at the moment. I wish I could try credit for it, but it was all The Boys doing if I'm honest (though I did bring the parsley home and place it on the windowsill - so I'm taking some credit)!

Parsley-cam is what happens when a (lovely) nerd (The Boy) and a slightly green-thumbed girl (moi) get a little too obsessed with their window sill parsley. A "parsley-cam/time-lapse photography" thingy gets set up in the kitchen so we see what our parsley gets up to all day whilst we're out at work.

I can no longer get to the toaster OR the kettle, but that's fine as we now get to our parsley as it causally leans into the sunlight.

I was VERY exited to come home after our first test run to find this Alice In Wonderland type note! This is our first "test run"...not too bad, though I do wish The Boy had bought a HD webcam thingy for such an important project!

Day 2 saw us faffing with the location of the parsley and the camera...and guess what? Nothing! I don't think that parsley all.  Check it out here - maybe your eagle eyes will spot something we didn't!

Head on over Celia's blog - Figjam + Lime Cordial - to see what everyone else is getting up to in their kitchen this month. They'll probably even been cooking and "stuff" like people are meant to do in kitchens!

PS - The Boy has advised me that he's now bidding on a HD webcam on eBay. Wish us luck with the auction!


  1. Loved it - the post, the parsley, the cam. I like to read these types of posts - ones that revolve around food but are not just a recipe or review.

  2. Fabulous Mel! It's amazing how well your container garden has been growing! Thanks for playing! :)

  3. I was expecting something to jump out and scare me! Parsley looked very angelic in the full sunlight

  4. parsley cam — that's too funny! :-)

  5. This has got to be the most different IMK that I have read! Your parsley looks happy, chop a bit off and see if it screams!

  6. Great to have some parsley on your window sill for those moments when you need it even if it doesn't do anything!

  7. Parsley-cam ... that's different!
    Great to finally meet you Miss Piggy.

  8. Good luck on the ebay auction!
    Really cute IMK post- thanks for sharing!

  9. What a fun experiment! I think the trees outside were waving to the parsley :) Very cool, and very lovely to meet you on the weekend. K

  10. Thanks for all of your comments this space as "hopefully" the HD webcam will do the trick.


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