Friday, September 14, 2012

Wowcow, Parramatta

Although we're fit to burst after our burger-fest at Grill'd we decide to waddle across the road to the newly opened Wowcow and partake in some frozen yoghurt.

We're visiting on their Grand Opening day, so all the yoghurts are free (with a gold-coin donation going straight to Oxfam).  What's better than the free yoghurt though is the adorable little calves that have parked themselves on Chruch Street and are enjoying a chillaxed afternoon watching the hoons do laps up and down the street (until one hoon revs his car right near them and scares them - what IS wrong with people I ask you)?

Cows aside (or outside please) the yoghurt is really delicious and a pretty healthy treat too - not much fat, not many calories but still filled with bags of flavour. All that aside, it still takes me AGES to decide on what topping to get and I end up letting the guy at the counter choose for me.

I'm given a cup of plain frozen yoghurt with a berry topping (yum) and The Boy goes for the chocolate frozen yoghurt with a Tim Tam topping (oh YUM).  Both Ramen and Mr D are half way through their yoghurt by the time I turn around to take a photo (what!) but they're pretty happy with their chocolate frozen yoghurt and Oreo topping.

The combinations seem vast and endless, and Wowcow often have special flavours and topping to further debilitate my decision making abilities.  I can see an addiction form...oh dear.

Wowcow is at 279 Church Street, Parramatta.

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  1. Love love loveeeeeeeee Wowcow. And the churros! Yum :D


  2. Gotta try them frozen yoghurts! Choc & oreo??? Yum!

  3. It is freeeeeezing here today and the thought of eating anything at all cold or frozen has me shivering in my seat. BUT there are members of my family who would think that shop was heaven on earth. Especially with a couple of calves in pink visors parked out the front. Cute!

  4. Love the name and the calves! Looks delicious.

  5. Yum looks delicious! I m with Jane - such a cute name!

  6. Healthy yoghurt made a little naughty but some yummy toppings, I like, I like a lot!

  7. Hi everyone - thanks for your comments! As you can see my "reply" to comment function is still not working. GRRR!


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