Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Marrickville Market, Marrickville

I detest shopping at supermarkets. DETEST!  I've been know to make outlandish promises to The Boy if he'll do the supermarket shopping without me...oh you know, "I'll give you a TRILLION bucks if you go to Coles without me".  Surprisingly he thinks my promises are bogus and more often than not we trudge off to the supermarket together.

Shopping at Farmers Markets has been a revelation for me. It's enjoyable, relaxing, exciting, fun and inspiring. It makes me want to be a better person - to buy sustainable, local and ethical produce.  I'm not satisfied until my enviro-bags are near full to bursting. I look forward to exploring the various markets around Sydney, ear-bashing the stall holders about how great I think their produce is (and vice versa). You couldn't pay me enough me to miss an outing to a farmers market.

My recent dog/house-sitting stint in the inner-west meant I was a 5 minute drive to the Sunday markets at Marrickville. Even though I wasn't doing much cooking during my inner-west holiday (why cook when King Street is only up the road) I couldn't resit visiting the Marrickville Organic Markets and stocking up on a few goodies...and a coffee to kickstart the morning.

There is LOADS of fresh produce available - I picked up a good sized bag of mandarins for $5. There are quite a few stalls selling great sourdough bread (which would go well with my tinned soup during my "bachelor-ette month").

Truffle season has just begun when I visited and the "truffle dealer" was attracting quite a bit of attention.  Sniffs of the truffles were free, but anything more than that would cost you.

The mushrooms looked very tempting (same people selling here as at Castle Hill Markets) but in the end I walked away with some Smoked Salmon Pappardelle and an Olive and Mushroom Pasta Sauce which set me back $10 and will last for two dinners - again, excellent bachelor-ette food.

I was pleased to see a good offering of pasture-raised eggs as well as a butcher or two with pasture raised meat...though my favourite market Free Range Butcher didn't seem to have a stall.

The Marrickville Markets feel a lot more relaxed and alternative to say, the spiffy Eveleigh Market which comes across as a lot more polish and chic with its fabulous under-cover area.  Ever second person has a dog along for the shopping trip (something that most other markets don't allow). These markets feel "more organic"...more earthy. If I didn't know better I'd swear I was shopping in Armidale or Lismore and not just 5ks from the Sydney CBD.

The Marrickville Organic Market is on every Sunday between 9am and 2pm at The Addison Road Centre - 142 Addison Road, Marrickville.


  1. mmm totally want to eat my body weight in mushrooms

  2. I'm not a fan of finding parking at supermarkets either. This is why I time my visit.. after lunch or even very close to closing time is best for me. Love what markets have on offer - nearly everything under the sun. Sometimes it's nice to just get out of the house.

  3. I love love love Marrickville markets! Aside from being great for shoppping, they also have lots of yummy vego ready-to-eat options. Perfect place for a Sunday lunch!

  4. I remember when Marrickville Markets was a humble little hodge podge of assorted stalls. Amazing to see how it's flourished over the past two years. A great atmosphere and so many delicious treats. The grassy area at the end is perfect for diving straight into your cake stash too :)

  5. fresh produce is the way to go! hehe such cute dogs :D

  6. This market sounds very good Miss Piggy. I hate the supermarket...but for some things it just cant be avoided. A farmers market is my happy place too, a loaf of bread and a chunk of Pepe Saya for me please :)

  7. Gah, supermarkets! So bloody tedious! I agree with Miss Jane, though, there are some things that you just can't get at a Farmer's Market! (Such as double length Quilton, for e.g.). Peter and I have a new trick... we stock up on such things and therefore only have to duck up the road occasionally. Our Farmer's Market is five minutes down the road (to the left), and the big gun supermarkets, plus an Aldi, are three minutes up the road (to the right). Marrickville Markets sound great.

  8. I absolutely adore going to the markets too - nice to find out about more out there!

  9. Any market that stocks Pepe Saya butter is a good market in my book :)

  10. The Marrickville markets are a great market, and I love the fact they are on a Sunday.

  11. Everywhere I look there are truffles! It's all too much for me. P.S. that Pepe Saya butter is great stuff!


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