Thursday, December 08, 2011

Umi Kaiten-Zushi, Haymarket

As the BFF and I sat stuffing are faces full of sushi at the sushi train at Umi Kaiten-Zushi I couldn’t help but wonder (she says channeling her inner Carrie Bradshaw) isn’t a little...mean to have a big fish tank in the middle of the sushi train where the fish can watch us eating their relatives? 

Occasionally we’d look up from our fishy feast and spot the fish in the tank staring right at us. I felt a bit guilty, but not guilty enough to stop eating. In fact between us we polished off FOURTEEN plates of sushi. Sorry fish, but you were really tasty.

Whenever I’ve walked past Umi Kaiten-Zushi there has been a line out the door, but this was our lucky night as it seems people are less likely to queue for food when it’s bucketing down outside.  I hope this theory rings true as I’m attempting to visit Jamie’s Italian tonight where I’ve heard tales of someone  waiting TWO HOURS to get a table.

The billboard outside Umi's entrance boats over 100 different types of sushi. With an offer like that how could we resist?

Let the feasting begin...

Fresh salmon topped with Seaweed Salad - a nice way to kick things off.
Fresh salmon topped with fish roe - fancy
Cooked Tuna Ship - my favourite (cos I have boring Aussie tastes perhaps)?
Money Bag type things stuffed with plump, juicy prawns
Drumroll - ROAST PORK BELLY roll. A sushi revelation I tell you.
No idea what this is...but it was tasty.
Salmon Nigiri - that has had the blowtorch treatment.
Tuna Nigiri with sesame seeds
This is what happens when you can't use chopsticks...wah, my sushi! I ate it anyway though.
Eel Nigiri - don't knock it til you've tried it as it's damn tasty.
Edamame - nice.
Some soft of blow-torched fish - mystery fish sushi.
Soft Shell Crab handroll - really really good, espeicaly as it was freshly made to order.
Crab Claw - another favourite.
Some sort of flan type dessert - couldn't quite pick out the flavour, not caramel though (boo).

We had a discount voucher for 25% off our meal (or $20 - whichever was the smaller amount) so our meal ended up costing $40 which is fairly good for two people considering the amount of food we ate.  Without the voucher it would've been $60 - still not bad really, especially as we ate quite a bit of fresh salmon and other not so cheap plates.

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  1. $40 is fantastic for 2 people! I usually spend *almost* that amount by myself at Makoto. I haven't been to Umi Kaiten for ages though, I should put my Entertainment book vouchers to good use!

  2. ohh little fishies oogling at u eating other fishies! :p

    the 3 second rule applies to the dropped piece!

  3. I do like my sushi trains but I have to say my favourite is the Sushi Train next to the cinemas on George St. Kai on King in Newtown isn't bad too!

  4. This place is so good ey! I'm not a huge fan of sushi trains but I really love this place. Me and a friend always do at least 20. One day we want to bring friends and knock off 100 plates.

    And I LOVE the fish tank. Any place with a fish tank wins for me.

  5. Oooh I reckon I need to give this place a go! Looks like pretty good value

  6. Thats awesome value! Love sushi train - they look so pretty on their little plates :)

  7. Good variety, some sushi trains suck at that. I'd love to try the salmon topped with seaweed and roe.

  8. haha whenever the boy and I come here, we refer to this place as 'mango fish sushi place' cause there's a really bright yellow fish in the tank that I named as mango fish :) this place is pretty good value!

  9. Now you know why it is all so fresh ;P

    Seriously tho, all looks so good, going to have to pay them a visit.


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