Saturday, December 17, 2011

Machine Laundry Cafe and Doctor Coffee, Hobart

Our brunch at the groovy Machine Laundry Cafe was our only brunch/breakfast during our entire stay in Hobart. For the rest of the time we dined on English Muffins from Coles and hotel coffee in our room in an attempt to save some money...and some inches off our waistlines (I failed at both I'm said to say).

And with only one brunch to our names I think we picked a winner with Machine Laundry Cafe.  The cafe shares its space with a Laundromat, though I wonder how many people sip their coffee whilst watching their smalls do a few laps in the dryer?

The cafe is really popular so it's a short wait before we can nab ourselves a table. We start things off with coffee - a soy cappuccino for me which was perfect.

The cafes interior is quite quirky - a mix of retro decor (laminate tables, vinyl chairs and the like) and industrial chic - hard concrete floors in keeping with its second job as a Laundromat.

The Boy opts for an Eggs Benedict ($15.00) - his other great breakfast love when a Big Breakfast isn't what he's hankering after. We're both pretty impressed by the ooziness of the eggs - perfection.

I'm swayed by the Thom's Thing ($14.00) breakfast and the promise of grilled haloumi cheese!  As far as vegetarian breakfast offerings go this is great - garlic sourdough toast, squeaky haloumi cheese, tomato, basil, chic peas, baby spinach and an avocado salsa. This was a really filling breakfast that kept me going until mid-afternoon.

Later that afternoon - after a visit to the Farmgate Markets and wandering about Hobart - we find ourselves back at Salamanca Place and feeling a bit peckish.

We decide to rest our weary feet at the cute Doctor Coffee which is located in one of the many arcades at Salamanca Place.  The Boy orders a coffee and I go for a Charlie's Blood Orange Juice - a great thirst quencher.

The Boy opts for a HUGE Tuna Sandwich.  I was keen for one of these too but The Boy nabbed the last Tuna Sambo of the day - d'oh!

In the end I choose a savoury muffin - cheese and herbs. It's pretty tasty and fills the spot nicely.  The food at Doctor Coffee is fairly simple, but tasty - great flavours.

We finish off with a delectable meringue that is topped with a berry coulis and cream. The Boy is a huge meringue fan, me not so much - but the addition of cream and coulis is fantastic. The coulis has a slightly tart taste that helps cut through the sweetness of the crispy meringue.

These are just two of the many cute cafes that Hobart has on offer. If you ever get to Hobart I'd highly recommend both of these places...but also make sure you visit North Hobart - we didn't eat there, but there are SO many great cafes and restaurants in this quirky, slightly alternative suburb.

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  1. I'm not a big fan of meringue either but that one there looks really good !

  2. Looks scrummy! Adding them to my 'if I ever make it to Hobart' list now.

  3. Wow, looks like you found some great cafes! Love the laundromat one- great haloumi combo!

  4. You ate muffins from Coles rather than go out? No! I'm not one to save money when on holidays, I'm there to spend it! Love the look of that tuna sandwich!

  5. This all looks very cool, we are thinking about a trip to Tassie ourselves in 2012 so I am taking notes :)

  6. Ooo Machine Laundry Cafe is very quirky indeed.

  7. What a cute place!! I love the laudromat :)

    Your breakfast looks absolutely gorgeous, I can't do a fry up early in the morning but the chickpea and avocado looks perfect especially with haloumi.

  8. Perfectly cooked eggs = win!

  9. Great post :) Just posted about Doctor Coffee too! I really liked their mocha best one I've had for a VERY long time ~ Mentioned about your post in mine too ~ check it out when you have time. Happy Holidays!

  10. Great to know Mel, we are heading to Tas on a motorhome holiday in a couple of weeks! Will be sure to visit both of these spots
    Summa X


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