Monday, August 15, 2011

JPB Restaurant (Swissotel), Sydney

My only word of advice regarding Cheese Fondue is that if you following it with a super rich piece of mud cake for dessert you will feel sick. I guarantee it!

A group of hungry food bloggers gather at JPB Restaurant at the Swissotel to celebrate the end of Viv's exams...and also the glory that is fondue!  For once the ordering process at our food blogger catch up is simple - five pots of fondue please, to share amongst the ten of us.

When the flame of our fondue burner is lit it is an exciting moment as that comes the cheese!  The cast iron cauldron contains some pungent (ok, stinky) cheese - the fondue is a mix of Gruyère, Emmental (aka Swiss Cheese), Racelette and a splosh of white wine.

Probably more dazzling than the sight of a pot of molten cheese bubbling away is selection of items for dipping.  Crusty bread traditionally accompanies the fondue pot (fondue was a way to use up old cheese and bread back "in the day"), but I know my diet is out the window when plates of buttery, boiled potatoes and kransky sausages are also laid before us.  Seriously - I didn't realise a kransky could be any worse for the arteries until I realised it can be dipped into cheese fondue! 

A plate of gherkins and pickled onions are intended, I think, as a relief from cheese overload, but you know what? They taste pretty good dipped into the fondue!

And as for the chocolate mud cake, Viv was lucky enough to win this monster artisan cake and brought in a piece of each of us to try.  It was amazingly moist and rich, just not the best finish to a Cheese Fondue Party!

JPB Restaurant is located within the Swissôtel Sydney. You'll find the restaurant at Level 8, 68 Market Street, Sydney (above Myers). Phone 9238 8888.

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  1. omg love the photo of your drippy cheese! duke bistro next! :D

  2. I love that fact that you guys celebrated with food. Poor thing, I am sure fondue and mudcake would cause for a really upset tummy.

  3. Here's my tip....

    Bring your own cheese.

    When no one is looking, throw it into the fondue.

    Bring some of your own bread sliced and dip into fondue.

    You'll save some money this way.

  4. Love the drippy cheese! yum :)

  5. hehe looking at the dripping cheese makes me want to take a slice of jarlsberg from the fridge and nom ^^

  6. Thank you for blogging on us! We hope you enjoyed the Swiss fondue. Join us as a Swissôtel fan on our FB and Twitter pages to find out what's happening with us :)

  7. LOVE fondue - so naff and so damn tasty! Good work on the cake too. Ok you felt sick, but you did it :) well done!

  8. Nice! Haven't had fondue in ages, I think it's about time.

  9. The big pots of melted cheese look filling and rich enough. Well done for finishing the meal with a piece of dense rich mud cake! Sorry for the upset tum though.

  10. Can I just LOL at Anonymous? How much cheese do you want?
    But I would totally bring vegemite to spread on my bread before dipping, nomnom!

  11. Drippy cheese is da bomb! Those kranskies look so good...Did they provide you spoons just to eat cheese?

  12. Mmmm, melty cheese...Did you guys manage to get to the bottom of any of the pots to indulge in the crusty cheese bits which form at the bottom?

  13. looks interesting! i've never had sausages with fondue before. i will need to try


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