Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gus', Canberra

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love planning a holiday. I normally have at least one holiday planned and ready to look forward to … it is the only way to keep me sane. The Boy is pretty impressed with my travel agent skills, however he had a chuckle at my choice of Canberra hotel given that it was directly across from a building site! This would be the third or fourth hotel I've booked that's been on top of construction work in an 18 month period.

Needless to say I wasn't feeling very rested when the demolition crews started up their machinery at 7 AM on this sunny Sunday Canberra morning. I knew one thing – I needed coffee ASAP and I knew just where to get it.

We always visit Gus’ when we are in Canberra and whilst it was too cold to eat there for dinner we thought we would brave it for breakfast. Our table was right under the outdoor heater so we were pretty warm. We had a bit of trouble getting the waitresses attention to place our order as the place was buzzing, but once we got our order in the food arrived really quickly.

Breakfast starts with cappuccinos for both of us – I probably needed a matchstick to help keep my eyes open after my early wake-up call, but the coffee was still pretty good.

I'm not in the mood for anything breakfasty or eggy so opt for Gus’ Big Steak Sandwich ($16.90). The steak sandwich is served on garlic foccacia with bacon, cheese, tomato, caramelized onion, seeded mustard mayo and roquette leaves. I'm really happy with my choice are a few chips on the side wouldn't have gone astray – is hard to eat a steak sandwich without chips.

Seeing as it was only nine o'clock in the morning The Boy was in the mood for breakfast and chooses the Spicy Scrambled Eggs from the specials board. I had to giggle when The Boy wondered if there was chilly in the eggs as they were really really spicy – ah, I'd imagine so young man! He seems to be pretty impressed with his breakfast, especially the mountain of bacon on the plate.

Gus’ is at 8 Bunda Street, Canberra.

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  1. I would have jumped the fence and sat in front of that truck til they turned it off! How rude! But lucky Gus was able to calm you down :)

  2. I remember visiting Brisbane for the first time and the hotel was right next to a road with construction all through the night!! And mmm the bread on that steak sandwich looks nice and fluffy!

  3. Ahh good old Gus'!! I love the warm chicken salad and foccacia fingers from back in the day - not sure if they still have these on the menu though!

  4. Lol @ the chilli. Both meals look delish! But yeah you cant have a steak sandwich with chips??

  5. My only experience with Gus' was overpriced average coffee... I haven't had (m)any good food experiences in Canberra :(

  6. Crikey!!!

    What's wrong with Canberra food?

  7. The best place in Canberra is the Central Cafe in Queanbeyan.

    My favourite is the Mixed Grill for $27.50
    "Half a cow on a plate !!!"
    There is no place like it in Australia.
    This is the place to visit if you come down to Canberra.

  8. Gus' was a regular stop-in when I had friends working in Canberra for a few years. If you haven't, check out Silo for their amazing bread and tarts when you're next in Canberra!

  9. i thought there was a tree INSIDE the restaurant. then i was outside. *facepalm*

  10. Thanks for the memories! I used to eat here a bit when I was sentenced to life in Canberra in the early 1990s - it was all pesto and focaccia then - bring back fococcia I say!


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