Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Issus Cafe, Melbourne

One of the things that appeals to most about Melbourne is the network of laneways that weave and wind their away across the city, like giant spiderweb. I find nothing more intriguing, or appealing, than wandering up and down these narrow little streets - it's a delightful way to spend a morning, afternoon...or evening.

One of my favourite laneways is by far Centre Place - a narrow, crowded laneway bustling with cafes, tiny quirky shops and people just wandering and soaking up the vibe.  This little pedestrian thoroughfare reminds me a lot of wandering through the laneways of Barcelona - it has a distinctly European vibe happening.

There are at least twenty or so eateries in Centre Place so The Boy and I just took a punt and picked a cafe that had a free outdoor table where we could people watch and soak at the uniquely Melbourne atmosphere - this is how we ended up at Issus Cafe.

First order of the day is coffee which ticks all the basic requirements - hot, nice flavoured roast as well as being a good caffeine fix to get us going on our first morning in Melbourne.

When The Boy isn't indulging in his quest to try every Big Breakfast in the world his other weakness is usually Eggs Benedict ($13.90). The offering at Issus Cafe is as good as any with premium smoked ham atop a toasted English muffin and doused with Hollandaise Sauce.  A side of hash browns and sausages are thrown in for good measure.

I'd spent quite some time perusing the menu without being able to make a decision on what to have. Just as I was about to put in my order for Eggs Benedict too The Boy points out the specials board which is sitting literally adjacent to our about blind! How could I have not noticed the breakfast special of Pan Fried Mushrooms with Spinach and Thyme with Poached Eggs and Pan-fried Haloumi ($16.90).  Haloumi is one of my favourite foods and I nearly always order it when it's on offer.  I was pretty happy with my breakfast and the Haloumi was as good as I could've hopped for...nice and squeaky!

Our brunch at Cafe Issus was great, friendly service and nice food, but for me the experience was all about grabbing a table in the laneway and watching the world go by. A blissful way to spend a morning.

Issus Cafe is at 8-10 Centre Place, Melbourne (just off Flinders Lane and behind Swanston Street).

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  1. The pan fried mushrooms with spinach and thyme with poached eggs and pan-fried haloumi looks right up my alley. Love the interconnecting laneways of Melbounre too. Must visit again soon, I think.

  2. Degraves Lane & this laneway are my absolute favorites. Feel's like you're in a different world -- not quite european, not really "australian" -- just, Melbourne. XD

    Did you go to Degraves Lane Cafe?? Its great too.

    I need to book a trip to Melbourne soon! But uni & trip to USA are gonna drain my funds. X(

  3. i love haloumi! & i think i had coffee at this cafe as i remember those mugs!

  4. ooh yum!! mushrooms make a breakfast for me! :) ps: loving that curly spoon! haha.

  5. Oh I love haloumi too! And combine that with mushies- wins every time! Btw_ the last photo in this blog is a ripper!!! Love it :)

  6. I adore Central Place too! That eggs Benedict looks scrummy!

  7. Oh I miss Melbourne. Sydney's all kinds of awesome but Melbourne has such a charm! Love all the little hidden gems I findwhen getting lost lol

  8. Food looks lovely but I'm more impressed by the size of the coffee cups.

  9. That laneway looks so cool. I am yet to explore the laneways of melbourne as every time we go there it's for family affairs!

  10. Ooh I'm really like the look of that Haloumi with poached eggs!!

  11. Haha, eggs Benedict is my go-to brunch dish as well!

  12. Just moved to Melbourne so I'm looking for nice places for breakfast - this looks good! My Boy likes eggs benedict too - see latest post on Miss Marmalade.



  13. I'm so gald you wrote about this lovely laneway. We love it too - we're in Melbouyrne next month for a few days and as this is a MUST for us - we loove the atmosphere as much as the food.


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