Monday, July 11, 2011

Bar H, Surry Hills

Another day another meal deal voucher.Yes, I’m addicted. These vouchers are addictive. I’ve had to seriously restrain myself from buying at least four good looking deals over the last month – for the sake of my wallet and my waistline alike!

The Bar H voucher was just too good to pass up though – a shared banquet for two people at this classy Surry Hills wine bar and  diner for only $69. Yes please!  Their banquet usually costs $70 per person excluding boozy drinks so this is a GREAT deal.

Tonight I’ve left The Boy at home as he seems to have an aversion on coming in the city on a work night (???) and wrangled the BFF into being my dining companion.   
It’s a cold and blustery on the night we visit, and the dark, inviting interior of Bar H is the perfect refuge from the wintery weather outside. A massive wire winerack lines one entire wall of the restaurant - an omen to wine lovers that this place is serious about their tipple. The dark, moody lighting is not so good from my photos, but such is life when you're living it up in trendy Surry Hills.

The service at Bar H is accommodating, friendly and fantastic. As we take our seats our coats are stashed away by the wait staff and we are offered our choice of wine or beer that are a part of our meal. I opt for a glass of white wine, but the BFF is not so easy to please. He doesn’t drink alcohol, so is offered a soft drink. He doesn’t drink soft drinks – no drinks with bubbles shall pass the BFF’s lips. Okay then, how about a juice?  No - too sweet and will ruin the flavours of the meal. Toilet water perhaps then (the waiter didn’t say that, but I thought it)!  In the end it is settled that the BFF shall drink tap water for the evening and his glass is never more than half empty (or half full if you prefer that view of the world). 

Now that our drinks are sorted out, our meal starts with Olives and Honeyed Prosciutto Grissini. The green olives are plump, firm, and are marinated with a healthy dose of chilli oil.  The BFF finds the chilli too hot – yay, more for me!  The Honeyed Prosciutto wrapped tightly around what appears to be a homemade Grissini is lovely, fatty and sweet – a lovely piece of charcuterie.

Next is a vibrant Pickled Cucumber Salad.  The dressing is tangy and the entire dish is incredibly fresh tasting. I love the slippery, chewy mushrooms and the BFF I wrangle politely for the last white anchovy fillet (I lose).

We then get to choose between a Calamari and Fresh Herb Salad or Beetroot With Housemade Ricotta Salad. I wonder if anyone chooses the beetroot and ricotta salad over the calamari?  We are very pleased with our choice of the calamari – lovely pieces of tender, grilled calamari dotted with enoki mushrooms, and meltingly soft mushroom stems that practically turn to water in the mouth (these mushroom stems were my favourite element of the dish as it was such an unusual texture in the mouth).

We are a bit more indecisive when it comes to choosing our shared main. We um and ah between Roast Spatchcock with Radicchio, Bread, Parsley and Sherry Vinaigrette OR Red Braised Beef Short Rib with Black Bean and Chilli

In the end the Beef Short Rib wins out. We’re a little confused that the short rib contains no bones, but I think that is evidence that neither of us knowing all that much about cuts of meat. The beef is melt in the mouth tender, with a lovely crispy charred outer.  Our only quibble is that the sauce accompanying this dish ribs is a tad salty for us (it probably didn’t help that we liberally doused our beef in it, rather than leaving it on the serving plate from whence it came).

The ribs are accompanied with our choice of Roast Pumpkin with Cumin and Lemon OR Iceberg and Herb Salad.  We choose the Iceberg salad and is a wise choice given the richness of the beef dish that it accompanies. 

Although dessert is not included in the voucher deal we are hankering after something light and sweet to cleanse our palates. The Panacotta with Poached Pears ($10.00) wins us over. This dessert is insanely tasty, dusted with biscuit crumbs, the Panacotta is light and lush all at the same time. The dessert is topped with dainty little shiso leaves which give the it a slight minty taste. I want more. NOW!

Bar H is at 80 Campbell Street, Surry Hills. Be there or be square!

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  1. That Calamari and Mushroom Salad looks divine. I could certainly enjoy that.

    I think with the short ribs, like when we had them at Sepia, the meat is slow cooked so it literally falls off the bone and is served without. I could be wrong though. It happens more frequently than I care to admit.

  2. I LOVE BAR H. one of my favs for sure.
    looks like the menu has changed since my last visit. yay - more goodies to try.

  3. The salad and dessert looks great, I need to start buying some of these deals!!

  4. Same voucher addiction here! And I adore Bar H so was more than happy to buy that one - can't wait to go back! You've got some nice shots of Hamish too!

  5. Nice! I've put a restraining order on myself to stop myself from buying coupons. There are some pretty good ones out there. I've been meaning to check this place out seeing it across the road from Cafe Ish.

    Pannacotta sounds wonderful and lol at BFF pickiness with beverage.

  6. The food looks great. Love the crumbs on the panacotta.

  7. What a deal!!! All looks so good!!!!

  8. I love the meat/vegetable ratio.

  9. That grissini looks pretty special. I saw this deal and somehow didn't buy it

  10. um oh boy, this place looks delicious. i want the calamari.

  11. i love panacotta and that looks gorgeous! it's a pretty good deal for $80. :)

  12. That short rib looks and sounds absolutely delish!

    I've been holding off on the coupons - once I start I fear that I'll keep buying!

  13. I like that 2nd photo of the back-lit "h" -- alls I can think is Harry Potter!

  14. Hi all, thanks for your comments. I think I need to stop buying these vouchers...for the time being at least. I have a pile of them that all expire when I'm overseas in October so we're quickly working our way through them all *clutches stomach in pain*.


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