Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sitney Thai, Parramatta

The lovely Wendy managed to score a voucher for four people to dine at Sitney Thai in Parramatta compliments of Food Morning Sydney.

Being a Parramatta gal myself I instantly said YES YES YES when she invited me along. I'd been going past Sitney Thai on the bus each afternoon and was curious about the place, so this was just the chance I needed to satisfy my curiosity.  Fellow Westie, Tammi also joined us, but I am most impressed by Sara who drove ALL the way across Sydney in peak hour to have dinner with us.

I have to give props to Wendy who managed to get the three of us to order dinner from the special Food Morning Sydney menu amidst our constant chatting and  gossiping about food, Masterchef, our cameras and just life in general.

As part of the voucher we could order an entree each, although two choices needed to include either spring rolls, satay sticks or curry puffs as part of the deal. Now, I've done Weight Watchers and let me tell you Curry Puffs are deadly fattening (ie you could eat two Curry Puffs in a day and then NOTHING else) so I vetoed them asap.

Clockwise from top right: Duck Herbs; Spring Rolls; Kai Satay; and Tung Tong
I am a BIG fan of duck (although I'm not sure if Weight Watchers are) and was immediately taken by Duck Herbs, which is similar in presentation to San Choy Bow.  Finely chopped roast duck, tossed with red onion, shallot, mint, roasted rice sitting atop a dainty lettuce leaf - a light and lovely tasting entree. The Vegetarian Spring Rolls were quite unusual, being quite sweet tasting - almost like they had a sweet paste inside. I really enjoyed them!  Kai Satay, a tempting looking dish of chicken skewers atop of creamy peanut sauce. I quite enjoyed this dish, but would have liked the chicken to be just a bit more cooked and charred on the outside.  And last by not least, Tung Tong, or Money Bags as they are more commonly referred to. Who can say no to crispy fried pastry wrapped around a chicken, green pea and peanut filling. Not me, that's for sure.

And now onto the mains...the Massamum Curry Beef is a hit with me as it comes topped with potato chips. Squee. Never mind the tender chunks of beef sitting in a sweet coconut broth and topped with fried red onion that makes my mouth sing with flavour - any dish that comes topped with potato chips is a winner in my books. 

The Chicken with Lime Leaves and Peppercorns Sauce is another flavour packed and fragrant dish - the chicken is tender and the vegetables crisp.

For mains I knew that I really wanted a salad as I just find Thai salads amazingly fresh and irresistible. I can also kid myself that by having a salad I'm being really healthy. So following that logic a Som Tum salad with Soft Shell Crab can't be bad for us right? Although the Soft Shell Crab is deep fried so the outer is crisp and the innards tender and soft, any calories in the crab must surely be offset by the shredded green papaya salad with carrot, tomatoes, green beans, peanuts and a lemon chilli dressing. Right? Right!

Sara rightly points out that we need to try the Pad Thai - as really it is a benchmarch  for which all Thai restaurants can be judged. Of course by the time we tuck into our Seafood Pad Thai it is stone cold as we took so long taking photos of it, but it is still a lovely dish. They are very generous with the seafood and the dish is fresh and tasty.

Our meal ends with a lovely little dessert of sago balls in coconut milk and topped with rockmelon.  The coconut milk has a slightly salty taste to it (it's better than it sounds, trust me) and the little sago balls pop in the mouth.

Sitney Thai Restaurant is at 277B Church Street, Parramatta. A big thank you to Wendy and Sydney Food Morning for inviting me along...I had a great time.

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  1. The Peanut GalleryMay 21, 2011 at 9:12 PM

    I'm glad I was eating Thai for dinner while I read this post!!! Sounds so yummy!!

  2. Yum, the sago balls in coconut milk look so good.

  3. Sago balls make me so happy :)
    Love deal meals! Iv been slightly obsessed with them lately. Stud feels like he's getting spammed by me with all the restaurants I send lol

  4. Curry topped with potato crisps! Now that is a bit different to what I'm used to seeing...

  5. Looks like an awesome feast. Pad thai and massaman curry are my absolute faves when eating Thai yummo!

  6. I had to stop you guys from chatting and goes hey man stop chatting I am starving !! It was such a good evening feels like we haven't chat for ages although we only just met 2 weeks ago for the yum cha. I seriously really like this restaurant espcially the duck herbs. That's my fav. of the night because it was packed of flavours and not overly spicy. Next time would love to try the duck salad.

  7. I love thai entrees, I think I would have ordered the curry puffs though cause they are my favourite.

  8. I really really want some massaman curry now, yum.

  9. the entrees look GREAT look how massive the money bags are hehehe

    i LOVE soft shell crab too! i cant wait till i cn eat solids again im going to my local thai joint for a big feed yummy

  10. yummy i love soft shell crab and wow those entrees look very very filling (usually entrees are much smaller ???)

  11. Mm I love Thai food but kind of suspected that about curry puffs. Although I think I deliberately didn't look it up just in case the answer was somewhere along the lines of what you said :P

  12. the money bag looks fat and plump :D full of gold haha!

  13. Hey what a great deal! The money bags look so good!

  14. Some unorthodox stuff going on there, but looks tasty.

  15. What a great round up of the evening and food. Was glad I made the effort to head to the West :) Today I really wish I had a bowl of that Massaman curry as it is so cold.

  16. Have you tried dumplings and roast ducks? They are the famous and traditional Beijing dieshes. And also bird's nest soup? Its a delicacy in China.

    Enjoy your days~~~



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