Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celebrating 100 posts with a Masterchef giveaway

I was a little surprised when I realised that this post was going to be the 100th on my blog.

I sat back and thought to myself "wow, I sure have eaten out a lot since I started blogging in October". And then I thought "hang on, you've eaten out more than 100 times since then, what about those unwritten posts and places you've revisited two, three or four times more after your initial post"?

Seems like The Adventures of Miss Piggy was a pretty apt name for this blog, hey?  Oink oink.

Although, with the start of Season 3 of Masterchef I seemed to have slowed down my eating out. Unbelievably I've only missed two episodes since the show started and I'd recorded these on Foxtel IQ so got to watch them later anyway.  When someone suggests a mid-week dinner I really have to weigh up "Masterchef vs Eating Out".

So, to celebrate my 100th post and the commencement of Masterchef, which is hopefully going to save me some money and calories by having more meals at home, The Complete Basket Case and Miss Piggy are giving my loyal readers (and un-loyal ones too if I'm totally honest) a chance to win a great Masterchef Gift Hamper worth $110.

View the gift basket here: 

The hamper contains all sorts of goodies that can be enjoyed whilst you rug up in your lounge room and cheer on your favourite Masterchef contestants, including:
  • Luke Mangan Olive oil/Vinegar 250ml
  • Carrs water crackers 125g
  • Rutherford and Meyer fruit paste 120g
  • Rosenborg Brie cheese 125g
  • Luke Mangan Sparkling Mineral water 750ml
  • Frou Frou Gourmet Cordial 250ml
  • Masterchef Magazine (current)
  • Seasonal Vegetables
  • Belgian Chocolate Bar 100g
  • Ribbon and gift card
  • Presented in a woven reed Homewares tray

To enter just leave a comment below letting me know who is your favourite Masterchef contestant and if you've ever replicated (or attempted to replicate) any of the Masterchef dishes.

Make sure you also email your comment to me at melanie2880 [at] hotmail [dot] com so that I have the email address of all contestants and can notify the winner.

I'll randomly select a winner on Saturday 4th June and notify them by email the following week.  Good luck!

Personally I have my fingers crossed for fellow food blogger Billy (or #teambilly as he's referred to on twitter), but I also have a soft spot for Kumar and think Jay is doing alright "on the pans" so far. And would I ever try to replicate any of the Masterchef dishes - no way! I'm still waiting for Adam Liaw's restaurant to open as I loved his food but there is NO WAY I'd be able to cook any of the amazing dishes he made last year.


  1. Oh wow congrats with the 100th posts! I am so behind even I started my blog earlier than you...god need to catch up. my fav. contestant is def Kate becoz she works very calmly and smart. She plans and thinks clearly when she cooks. my fav dish of her is the pub beef burger. with just simply cheese and camalised onion & beef patty. Its nothing overcomplicated but yet the most comforting food on a Fri night.

  2. Happy 100!!! Many 100's more to come!!!

    Well after last night I think I like Rachael (but that's the Mum in me!!) this kids all cheer when Billy is on - so I must say it is still a little too early for me and favourites!!!

    Absolutely I have replicated a few masterchef recipes - my most popular post was Alvin's Drunken and Bruised - received a phenomenal hit rate that one!!!

    ps if you let me win I might cook you something!?!?! (Is that bribery!!)

  3. Well done on 100 posts..I love reading your foodie adventures. I haven't got a favourite contestant this series but Adam is my all time favourite and I can't wait to get stuck into his cookbook. I have replicated a dish from series 1 - Duck with Citrus Sauce and Vegetarian Sung Choi Bao by Kylie Kwong. It took pretty much all day to make but it was fantastic and well worth the effort!

  4. Congrats on the 100th post! Can I say Billy is my favourite? lol But other than Billy I'm going for either Kumar or Adam. I haven't replicated any of the masterchef dishes but I really wanted to try make all those crazy zumbo desserts!

  5. Congratulations on the big 100, it's a wonderful milestone and here's to many many more! Keep up the good work! As for Masterchef, I'm a Billy fan too:) Last season, I had several attempts at the Blackforest Cake, with varying degrees of success, but plenty of willing taste testers!

  6. Hi there, and congrats on the big 100!!! I have a few favourites, but I must say I'm going for Kumar right now... he's such a gentleman! I have bookmarked loads of MC recipes to replicate and I think the last one was the Donna Hay pavlova last season - a very reliable recipe for a classic dessert :)

  7. big big grats on the 100th post!! i remember how happy i was when that happened :D and #teambilly all the way!<3

  8. Thats alot of places eaten out! I guess you are called Miss Piggy :)
    I want Billy to win, it is kind of easier to say who i don't like!! Your right Jay's plating up is stunning.
    An you know i've already tried the egg yolk ravioli, and i'm sure there will be more to come. I am thinking those blackpudding and scallop stuffed zucchini flowers.
    p.s. i use foxtel iq for my masterchef hit too

  9. Hip hip hooray! Congrats on reaching 100 posts! I look forward to that day myself even though it's a fair way off. I really like Hayden from this series I think he has a great talent and he is pretty cool too. Loved Alex but only for eye candy viewing ;-) Pete and I have actually made a few Masterchef recipes. Recently I made the Maggie Beer masterclass baked chicken and garlic and one we make ALL the time is The Italian meatballs w/ polenta batons and pesto oil from the Celebrity series of Masterchef - they are divine!

  10. We have trivia tonight and it's the first time I have been in 2 weeks and I am getting annoyed that I am going to miss Masterchef :( Billy would def have to be my favourite contestant cause he is a food blogger and I love his blog!

  11. Well done on the 100th post - you've experienced and explored so many more eating out places than me, which is great if I needed advice on where to go.

    Now, onto my favourite contestant, I'll stick to the current series. I think it's... Hayden. He is a down to earth dude who shows passion but is humble and takes negative comments well.

    Recipes? I made veal-based jus following Justin's Masterclas. It was yum.

  12. Congrats on your 100th post! I haven't been watching all of the Masterchef episodes, but so far I'm going for Kumar!

  13. Congratulations on your 100 posts Miss Piggy! And may there be many, many more! :D

  14. Congratulations for getting to your 100th post :)

  15. Congratulations on your 100 posts :) time flies huh!
    I have to say I am def gunning for Billy - he is a great cook and fab blogger. His food is always amazing but Iv also got a soft spot for Kumar - he is so lovely and always smiling.
    I think the last Masterchef dish I made was the Goat, Spinach and Feta Pie with Beetroot Puree. It was a hit with Stud and my parents. Love using them as my guinea pigs lol

  16. Contrats on your 100th post. I must admit I hardly ever watch MasterChef when it is on, is usually a case of IQ :)

  17. Congrats on the 100th post!!! All those restaurants...looking forward to your next hundred! =)

  18. happy 100th post! (i think i missed mine and didnt realise..doh'!)

    no actually, i missed my 200th post..! but ive marked my anniversary i think 3 yrs is coming up later this yr, so ill do something fabulous for that!

    i am going for Jay, i think he will really desserve to win the most as you can just see how passionate he is about food, styling, presentation, i think he leads on the presentation board, and after finding out that he did a stint at a restaurant in the lead up to the series, it just shows he actually went out of his way to learn more so that he could prepare himself for the show as well, he also looks the part when he got up for the immunity challenge (pity he didnt win, my heart ached for him when his pie fell apart)

    GO JAY!

  19. Happy 100 posts, MissPiggy! And here's to more good food and drink *cheers* =D

  20. The Peanut GalleryMay 28, 2011 at 9:18 PM

    Congrats on making 100!! I love reading them and can't wait to try more of them out! We enjoyed the Burger Joint!

    My faves are Hayden, Kumar and Billy! I wish I could get to see more of the episodes but the kids keep distracting me..

  21. Congratulations, Miss Piggy, on your 100th post!

    I can't restrict my Masterchef favourite to just one, so I'll say my favourites this time around are: Rachel, Kumar, and Billy (not in any particular order.

    No, I haven't replicated any of the Masterchef recipes, but they all do go in the head, to be used in some way later, even if not replicated. Just like a songwriter hears music and somehow later incorporates a few notes in their song without realizing where it came from, watching shows like that builds up the repertoire from which to choose when cooking.

    Have fun with the next 100 posts!

  22. Woohoo! We need to pop open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate 100 posts :D

    Hehe I know I'm bias but #teamBILLY all the way! I love his plating and presentation skills <3 Though I quite like Kumar because of his character/personality but culinary skills Billy is much better :)

    I don't know if this counts but I've made Billy's choc mousse with Milo last year for my Halloween graveyard (with the addition pop-rocks & dolly/Barbie body parts) ^^ Oh and I've made Alvin's Drunken Chicken recipe!

  23. Happy 100 posts! Great giveaway!

    As a non TV-owner, I'm afraid I will have to rely on blogger bias and say that Billy is my favourite Mastrchef contestant :p From reading his blog and seeing his lovely recipes, I genuinely think he's worthy of being a finalist.


  24. Congrats on your 100th post!

    My favourite would have to be Rachel - I think she seems really sweet!

  25. A big big congrats to R. from the Blog "The Creamy Middles" who won the Masterchef gift hamper - don't eat it all at once missy!

    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read the post and enter the comp...


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