Friday, January 21, 2011

The Green Room Lounge, Enmore

Earlier in the week The Boy and I met up in Enmore after work to partake in some lovely African food at Lat Dior.  Problem with us meeting up after work is that we both finish work pretty early and find ourselves at Lat Dior's front door about 40 minutes before their 6pm opening time.  D'oh.

Not to worry as I spy the groovy (relatively) new bar The Green Room Lounge just a few doors up and I figure it's never to early for a cocktail. 

Even though we rock up at The Green Room well before the 6pm kick off to Happy Hour I still manage to nab myself one of their house cocktails at Happy Hour prices.  In fact, it's not until I check my photos once we get home that I realise we're 40 minutes early for happy hour too!

I begin to seriously think we are we the only people under 80 in Sydney trying to eat dinner before 6pm.  Am I really such a nanna?

After a cursory glance at the House Cocktail list my old favourite Mojito ($10 at happy happy hour) jumps out at me and begs to be ordered.  I decide on passionfruit flavour as I just looooove passionfruit in my cocktails.

The boy decides on a Pure Blonde ($7)...I have no idea why when cocktails are available for $10.00.

I'm not sure why all my photos from here on in are taken at crazy angles. I think my Mojito is probably a bit more alcoholic than I gave it credit for.  I must have lost muscle control of my wrists which thus caused the camera to tilt a bit.  Plus I'm a bit of a one pot screamer anyway.

Anyway, I really love my passionfruit Mojito and polish it off in about 5 minutes.  Hiccup.

Looking around The Green Room I was struggling to remember what had occupied its place before it arrived on the Enmore scene.  The lovely bar lady tells me it used to be a TAB.  Although the name, The Green Room is not a homage to the green colour scheme of the TAB, but a nod to the Enmore Theatre which is just a few doors away.

The decor at The Green Room is made up of a lovely collection of 60s furniture which gives the place that groovy, cosy and relaxed feel that has been lost with the modernisation of a lot of the local pubs.  There are some really really lovely pieces here and I am amazed that they have such a great, and large collection of retro furniture all in really good condition.  I'm actually quite jealous at the wonderful and eclectic mix of chairs, coffee tables and lamps...some of this stuff would look great in my flat!

The Green Room Lounge also has some snacks available if happy hour gets too much for you and you need to line your stomach with something.  I've heard very good things about their cheese platters. Not for us though as it's 6.01pm and we're off to Lat Dior to line our stomachs there.

The Green Room is at 156 Enmore Rd, Enmore


  1. Haha, it looks like someone's living room from the 60s!

  2. It actually looks like my parents living room in the 70's!

  3. Aha! Good to know there's a much better alternative to The Duke in the area, especially with those prices!

  4. I have more often than not turned up at restaurants before their opening time. In fact, it happened to me tonight! LOL

  5. Hehe you're too funny about the mojito's effect on your camera skills. Been there done that! :P

  6. Nothing wrong with having dinner before 6! =D I always am hungry by then but always find myself having to snack because dinner dates are not usually until at least 7pm. The Green Room sure looks like it could have been someone's house - with a bar attached =D

  7. Hi mademoiselle délicieuse - it's great isn't it! I LOVE their furniture.

    Hi John - I bet your parents have no idea that their old furniture is now hip and super trendy.

    Hi lateral eating - much nicer than a pub as it has so much atmosphere.

    Hi Joey - I love eating early dinner, but restaurants don't open early enough most of the time.

    Hi Lorraine - I have no idea why I all of a sudden starting taking crazy crocked photos.

    Hi Angie - same here. The earlier the better for me...I guess as I finish work at 4pm I'm ready to eat by 6pm. I've been told I'm a bit of a nanna really.

  8. Ohhh! a new enmore gem - perfect for the next concert at the enmore! The passionfruit mojito looks delish - you know i'm not a fan of passionfruit on its own but i do love it in a cocktail!


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