Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day Fish & Chips at Ocean Master, Newport Beach

Happy 'Straya Day everyone (translation: that's Australia Day for anyone reading from overseas).

As today was set to be a scorcher in Sydney's west The Boy and I hopped in the car and headed over to Narrabean Beach to try and keep cool.  Although being all blue skies and burning sunshine in Parramatta, when we arrived at the beach the skies were grey and a misty fog was hanging low on the beach.  We couldn't see more than 20 meters in any direction.  Very very weird, but it didn't stop us going for a swim.

After a few hours of frolicking in the water it was time for some sustenance.  Being at the beach really only means one thing for lunch - Fish & Chips.  Never mind that we'd only been at the beach three days before Australia Day and had fish & chips for lunch then.  The diet starts tomorrow right?

We decide to head up to Newport Beach for a change of scenery and settle on some fish & chips from Ocean Master Seafood.

The last time we had fish & chips The Boy and I shared a Fisherman's Basket.  "Somehow" The Boy ate all of his fish cocktail pieces and half of mine...not happy Jan. 

To avoid any such stealing of my food today we decide to go our separate ways and each order an Ocean's Choice ($14.95).  I'm happy with this decision as all my fish pieces will come in their own protective box, safe from greedy little fingers.  It's  probably the best way to order food for two people anyway as their family meals and fisherman's baskets cost around $35.00 - $38.00.

We get our minds made up just in time as the place fills up soon after we place our order.  We waited for about 15 minutes for our food, which is pretty good considering the place was heaving with beach goers. 

Before the rush....
...and during the rush
Our meals each come with 2 fish cocktails, 2 calamari rings, 2 prawn cutlets, 2 sea scallops (The Boy got half of mine anyway) and chips.  In retrospect it's probably too much food for one person, but not enough for two.

I think I probably spent too much time taking photos and playing around with my awesome new Canon G11 Powershot as by the time I got around to eating my food it had all gone a bit soggy from being couped up in its cardboard box.

The Boy polished his off in record time and assures me everything was perfectly fine and crispy for those of  us not taking photos for our blogs.  We both agree that the Prawn Cutlets were the best thing on offer in the box - crunchy and crispy.

After spying a number of bluebottle warning signs on the beach we decide to head home rather than risk being stung. It's SO hot here right now I kind of wish I'd braved the stingers.

Ocean Master Seafood is at 385 Barrenjoey Rd, Newport, right opposite the beach.


  1. Yum! Sounds like a perfect Australia Day. Great photos :)

  2. the fish and chips looks pretty good. looks worthy of a visit. nice to be so close to the beach. i hate blue bottles too and try not to risk being stung — it hurts so much.

  3. Today was the most AWESOME beach day esp up the coast. Sunny, hot and the water was bee-yoo-tiful. More Aussie Day holidays like this please!

  4. Bluebottles are nasty, so lucky you went home! Fish and chips on Oz Day is as Aussie as it gets. :-)

    I stayed cool by going to work (air-con) then going home (air-con). LOL :-(

  5. haha, looks like a typical aussie day! btw do you like the new camera? i need a new one...

  6. You taking the photos while The Boy tastes the food while hot for feedback = teamwork :)

  7. Hi Jane - I'm loving my new camera! It was great to spend the day at the different to a BH Australia Day (although you've got your own personal lake now, right)?

    Hi Simon - lunch was nice, and worth a visit if you're in the area. I wouldn't make a special trip for it though. People were still swimming despite the blue bottles and strong rips. Crazy.

    Hi Karen - I wish everyday was Aussie Day at the beach. It was great to be outdoors.

    Hi Joey - Oh no, working on Australia Day is no fun. At least you kept cool though. We got even more Aussie by having BBQ snags for dinner.

    Hi Muppy - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new camera. It's one step up from a point and shoot, so not as big or complex as a DSLR. Good for a newbie like me. The Olympus Pen is another good option, but has a bigger lens that was too chunky for my handbag.

    Hi Lateral Eating - that is teamwork. Good point!

  8. That sounds great....along the same lines as I was thinking. I'll check it out.

  9. Ahh you can't get more Strayan than fish and chips at the beach. And blue bottles. Eek!

  10. I spent most of the day indoors trying not to move an inch so to not create any extra heat. Looks like an awesome lunch had by the two of you, despite yours going soggy. The sacrifices we make as food bloggers hey =D

  11. Yumm!! look at those crispy fish and chips.. haha! G11 is a pretty good camera! enjoy..

  12. Hi Helen - it's about as Aussie as you get...without getting stung.

    Hi Angie - it sure was hot wasn't it? At least one of us got to eat crispy fish & chips though.

    Hi Melissa - soggy chips are still chips I guess and they still tasted good. The G11 is so far so good.

  13. Yum those scallops look good. I always love the red bit on scallops, so good to see they leave that on!


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