Monday, September 22, 2014

Marukame Udon, Chatswood

Some careful planning saw me visiting Chatswood four times recently for some sewing classes. I'd be lying if I said that my decision to do the class in Chatswood wasn't motivated by the arrival of a new udon noodle restaurant in the suburb, Marukame Udon.

Marukame Udon is a bit different from Menya Mappen and Hana Hana as they make their own noodles in-house. This means they are super-fresh and have a nice "bounce" as you bite into them.

The set up of Marukame Udon is same as the other udon restaurants I've visited both in Sydney and Japan. Place your order, pick up your noodles, shuffle along and collect any side dishes you want...and then pay. Simples.

The sides are your usual suspects...tempura and various sushi-type offerings. I do miss the range of little salads and tidbits on offer at other places that I've visited so Menya Mappen will always be #1 for me.

On my first visit I try to recreate the delish udon I had in Tokyo back in February and order a bowl of Bukkake Udon with slow-cooked egg and beef. The meat here was stewed (with quite a strong flavour) rather than grilled like I had in Tokyo so sadly I think I ruined a good bowl of udon with this stunt. Better luck next time Miss Piggy!

I exercise restraint and order just one piece of tempura, settling on a Tofu Tempura ($2.40). Tasty, but I couldn't find any tempura dipping sauce here so opted for soy sauce instead.

On my next visits I stick with what I know and am not disappointed. The Bukkake Udon with slow-cooked egg is really good. Without the addition of the strong-flavoured beef the texture of the noodles really shine through. Happy happy! You can actually choose to have your bowl of udon hot or cold...I always go with hot, but I think next time I'll try the cold version as I'm told it's really good.

The side this time is a really delicious Tempura Chicken with Sesame ($2.90). The black sesame seeds add a really nice, nutty flavour to the batter. More please!

I'm already plotting my next sewing class in Chatswood so I can try a bowl of cold udon!

Marukame Udon is at 332 Victoria Ave, Chatswood.  Phone them on 9413 9434.

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  1. Love that this place is so close to me so I can get my udon fix whenever I get a craving! My favourite one is the kamaage udon which comes in this big wooden tub with a dipping sauce on the side

  2. ive heard great things about this place, keen to check it out!

  3. This place is the best for UDON!!! And their green tea drink, I always get two cups because it's that good :D

  4. Helen (grabyourfork)September 25, 2014 at 11:41 PM

    Chewy udon and an onsen egg is always a winner in my books! And I always find it hard to resist the temptations of the tempura bar too!

  5. I do love the fresh, chewy Udon. And the tempura if I'm honest.

  6. I've not had the green tea drink - I always go for the water. Next time.

  7. It's really nice - but I have to say the pork tempura with the sesame seeds in the batter is ACE!

  8. I consulted your blog thoroughly before my visit...I think I should try the kamaage next time..for kicks.

  9. I live quite close to Marukame - it's one of my favourite noodle places! Try their tempura Chinese broccoli next time - it's actually really nice!


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