Saturday, August 04, 2012

Grill'd Parramatta

Scoring a couple of "BOGOF" vouchers (that's buy one get one free, people) to Grill'd at the train station one morning The Boy + I drag our blogging neighbour, Ramen and his flatmate Mr D up to Grill'd Parramatta for a lunchtime burger-fest.  I'm cross at Grill'd for a lame marketing campaign they did a while back saying they hate foodies and bloggers (tongue in check of course blah blah), but the lure of a free burger makes me get over that pretty quickly.

Grill'd has been opened on Church Street for a few months now and seems to be doing really well - every time I go past on the bus the restaurant is pretty busy.  It's nice to see something other than another boring Mediterranean joint on this street.  Variety is the spice of life after all, and burgers are the best type of variety.

Grill'd have a huge range of burgers to choose from. Their eggs are free-range and both the lamb and beef are grass-fed. Hopefully they soon come to the party and put free-range chicken and bacon on their seems like the next logical step.

If Grill'd do one thing really well it's their chips (regular size $4.5).  Man these babies are ADDICTIVE.  The chips are really thick cut, crispy on the outside + fluffy on the inside. The whole bag is dusted with a moreish coating of secret herbs + sea salt. I'm thinking there's Rosemary in there, maybe some Thyme...Oregano? We grab a side of herb mayo just to make sure we're getting out daily dose of herbs.

I go for the MUSTARD + PICKLED! ($11.50) - grilled grass fed lean beef, Dijon mustard, dill pickle, tasty cheese, salad & relish.  It's good, really good. The mustard is delicious and the pickle is pickle perfection.

The Boy, being an almighty greedy-guts (kidding baby, honest), chooses the ALMIGHTY ($13.50) - grilled grass fed lean beef, tasty cheese, crispy trim bacon, free range egg, a couple of slices of beetroot with salad, relish + herbed mayo. He says it reminds him of an old-style milk-bar burger which is high praise indeed.

An admirable initiative at Grill'd is their "Local Matters" - a fun way of giving some much needed funding to local charities/groups. Every burger purchase gets the burger-buyer a bottle top which they then put into a jar...each jar represents a different charity. The charities are switched up each month. If you want to know more about Local Matters, or nominate a charity/local group click --- > here.  I would if my stomach would qualify as a "good cause".

Grill'd is at 310 Church Street, Parramatta.  Phone them on 9891 6003.

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  1. Herby chips - that's practically healthy, right? ;)
    Loving the sound of local matters, too.

  2. awesome!! now i don't need to travel all the way to crows nest for it. great photos!

  3. I'm stuck on those chips! I must try them at the Chatswood store ASAP.

    SSG xxx

  4. Those chips look amazing....I love the idea behind 'Local Matters'. What a great idea and another good reason for a burger (if you need one).

  5. I love the Grill'd chips, they are always consistently good!

  6. I think I'll take the plunge and try them too, they have a range of vegie burgers which sound pretty good. Loving the look of those chunky fries!

  7. Can't ever order a grill'd burger without a side of their chips and herb mayo. I am a huge hot chip fanatic and grill'd makes some of my favourite!

  8. Great photos Miss Piggy! :D I love it when a place does good chips!

  9. Mr D -- that's a good name for him!
    I do like grill'd in spite of their bad media relations.

  10. Whoa those vouchers look awesome!!! Cool concept with the train ticket. For a second I was wondering why you posted a picture of a cityrail ticket haha...

  11. I <3 Grill'd! I almost always go for the Mustard & Pickled - it's my absolute favourite! I was a bit adventurous last time and got the lamb and goats cheese and which was good as well, but not as classic.

  12. Hi everyone! Thanks for comments. Seems like we all agree that Grill'd chips are just too good to go past.

  13. my favourite burger would definitely be the lamb one! & your new layout for your blog looks really cute! especially the mini cupcakes :)

  14. you went hey! i wouldn't say no to a free burger either ;)
    i like the local matters idea.

  15. On my only two visits to Grill'd I scored free burgers and chips on both occasions! I'm always on the lookout for a free feed! The chicken burger wasn't anything speculator but I remember the lamb one pretty good. But the burgers are too lean for my liking though. Fat is flavour! Agreed about the chips being addictive, especially when dipped in the herbed mayo. Yum.


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