Sunday, March 18, 2012

Capital Grill, CBD

I'm back from holidays and back into my old addiction of meal deal vouchers.  Some habits die hard, but I'm trying to cut back in the effort of saving some moolah in order to afford more holidays.

Capital Grill is located at street level of the Gateway Building on Macquaire Place (right next door to The Basement).  There is a huge outdoor bar area, and downstairs dining area as well as plush looking upstairs mezzanine. The whole place is moodily lit so apologies for the less than stellar photos.  I imagine this place is quite busy during lunchtimes and the bar no doubt does a roaring trade on Friday nights when local office workers are celebrating TGIF!

Our voucher included a bottle of wine so Miss M, the wine expert at our table, chooses a red.  It's nice, tastes like red wine so I'm happy.

For entree I decide on the Sydney Rock Oysters with a Citrus Granita - really lovely. The oysters were plump and briny, first class.  Miss M chose the Asparagus with Poached Egg and Parmesan which looked so simple but I assured it tasted wonderful.

Great minds think alike and so do great tummies. Miss M and I were both taken by the beautiful Ocean Trout with Prawn and Mussel Bisque. This was a really nice dish - the fish was wonderful, a firm flesh that was swimming in a bisque so moreish I had to ask for more bread into to wipe the plate clean.

Dinner is not dinner without dessert and we decided to share a Creme Brulee. Alas, it was much too dark for my camera to even take a picture so there's nothing to see here...move along! It was pretty tasty though - you'll just have to take my word for it.

Capital Grill is at The Gateway Building, 1 Macquarie Place, Sydney. Phone them on 02 9247 4445.

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  1. Vouchers are usually a hit-and-miss issue, in this case all dishes look lovely. My smart-ass comment for the day: I'd have chosen a white wine to go with the food.

    1. You know I've never had a bad meal with one of these vouchers and I reckon I've bought around 30 of them so far. Wine matching! That's a bit too grown up for me Gaby, LOL.

  2. "Tastes like red wine" ... lol. Those pendant lights are gorgeous!

  3. It's a great place to have dinner isn't it! It's sort of tucked away and we had a bit of trouble trying to find it (or maybe that was just directionally challenged me :P).

  4. I am not much of a voucher person. I will buy and then forget :(

  5. heh tastes like red wine lolllll!

  6. I like the idea of vouchers but then I forget to use them.

    The next time someone asks how I like the wine I'm going to use your line - tastes like red wine. much better than "a bit of leather and dirty socks".

  7. Jazzy looking place and wow, I think I adore the Mussel bisque the most.

  8. The asparagus looks and sounds really good. Might have to try that one at home.

    The last photo -- definitely looks like a place for suits. Sleek lines, fancy lights, men in suits.

  9. Thats fish does look amazing! I'd have gone the asparagus too, looks awesome

  10. Quite like the food at Capital Grill, it's nice sitting upstairs looking down onto the bar area :)

  11. I am glad it tasted like red wine, lol! Dishes look lovely. I have had more misses than hits with vouchers. Find you tend to get what you pay for anyway, not really a 'deal' as such, but is a good way to trial an establishment to maybe return to try their real menu.

  12. i love meal vouchers too hehe I always buy the entertainment book every year and also buy meal vouchers online :) YAY! It seems like a great meal and even though we didn't get to see the creme brulee I bet it tasted amazing!

  13. It must have closed straight after your review!

    Bummer. The $23 takeaway burgers were awesome.

  14. Hey great review i have been meaning to check out this place since i work down the street. On another note if you like meal vouchers you should check out , have been using these guys for a while, they have chef hatted deals etc and user reviews so you can see what is good etc. So far i have done Catalina and Ormeggio and its been great


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