Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Shake Shack, New York

I've been deciding if I should write any more posts about my eating adventure in NYC - after all we ate SO much it's a bit overwhelming to decide what to write about and where to even begin. I'm also trying to cut down on my blogging as I've having some "issues" with my arms and typing/computer work is a real pain (literally).

But then I started looking through my photos of my trip to NYC and the photos of our meal/s at Shake Shack had my reliving the "best burger of my life" moment.  So I'll begin my NYC posts with the best thing I ate...a simple, mind-blowing cheeseburger.

The first Shake Shack we visited was in Madison Square Park - an outdoor kiosk where you sit under ferry lights and eat your mind-blowing burgers whilst already plotting the next time you can get back to Shake Shack for your next burger hit.  As it was pretty dark my photos didn't turn out all that well (it was also raining which made eating outdoors a bit of a challenge) - so I knew a daylight revisit was going to be in order.

Luckily for me there is another Shake Shack further uptown near Times Square where we happened to be one lunchtime.

Up in lights at the Theatre District branch.

There it is - the best cheeseburger of my life! Why is it the best cheeseburger I hear you ask?

Well (I'll try and keep this brief) for starters the the Shake Shack patty's are 100% ground beef and are ground fresh every day - no frozen yukky patty's here.  This means the patty's are moist, totally delicious and flavoursome. Simply it tastes amazing. And the bun - oh the bun!  The buns at Shake Shack are super soft and squishy and toasted to perfection. Oh, and look at that oozy, melty cheese...and the thick slice of pickle. Man oh man what I wouldn't give to be back in NYC right now biting into one of these babies.

Cheeseburger - $4.00 for a single patty
My travel buddy Miss M prefers her burger with a bit of greenery so opts for the Shakeburger. Personally I don't want any pesky salad getting in the way of my Cheeseburger experience, but Miss M seems pretty happy.

Shakeburger - $4.50 for a single patty

Of course you can't have a burger without a side of fries. I like the novelty factor of the crinkly fries here - though the fires aren't a patch on their world changing burgers.

Fries - $2.65, crinkles included

Refreshments - the tall and the short.
I order a Root Beer Float just for the pure novelty factor. Root Beer tastes like Sarsaparilla which I know a lot of people don't like as it has a bit of a medicinal taste, but I LOVE it. Add in a scoop of ice-cream and you have a frothy, fluffy "float".

Root Beer Float - $4.75
Miss M orders a Concrete - which is a bit like a McFlurry from McDonalds. A "concrete" is a super dense frozen custard blended which is mixed with a bunch of toppings and other bits and pieces like chocolate, honeycomb and god knows what else we choose to go into the mix.

Concrete - $6.00
If you're on your way to The Big Apple I would highly recommend grabbing yourself a Cheeseburger from Shake Shack. Perhaps you can bring one home for me?

Ooo look, a yellow cab. How New York is that?

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  1. omg omg omg


    Gah it looks SO good

    So does the float, but they will always be called Spiders to me.


  2. I *dream* of eating a cheeseburger from Shake Shack. Don't know how you can ever have any other burger again!

  3. crinkle cut fries, juicy patty and melty american cheese <3 and so cheap! very tempted to purchase a ticket to fly there now! shake shack was never around when i visited the states 8yrs ago :(

  4. Those burgers look and sound amazing!!! I've never had a 'best burger of my life' moment *sigh* Who would have thought that a simple cheeseburger could taste so good? :D Love the name 'concrete' haha....and it actually looks really nice!

  5. Great burgers and so cheap! A work friend on her way to NYC asked me where to eat. My first words were Shake Shack.

  6. It was on my "to do" list but somehow I came home from NY without eating there. Oh well, there's always next time.

  7. The 100% freshly ground beef and soft bun make a lot of difference. And pickles, I love pickles! If I find myself in NY and I decide to get naughty with my diet I know where to go.

  8. The burgers indeed look totally delicious, even the fries!

  9. Love the sound of Concrete, but the crinkles on the chips have really caught my eye, haven't seen crinkle chips in ages.

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shake Shack, very possibly my favourite place on this earth. Your post has made me miss it so much!!! Root beer floats are also awesome, particularly with A&W root beer.

    Hope your arm gets better!

  11. i wonder what their vegetarian options are like!

  12. Got to agree with you on the best burger in the world call!

    A friend of mine has been on a three mission project to re-create it. We've been getting increasingly close. The burger patties are just so soft and melt in your mouth. Mmmmm...

  13. WOW!!! Looks pretty awesome! So much cheese too, its only breakfast time, is it wrong for me to crave a burger already.

    The drinks looked like serious calorie attacks. I would have to get one for MrGG and just have a sip ;)

  14. Mmmmm concrete...
    Keep the NY posts coming!!! :)

  15. hey misspiggy, this one's for you:


  16. Like John, this was on my to do list too. Walked past it, does that count?? Next time :)


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