Friday, October 21, 2011

Kammadhenu, Newtown

It's lucky for me that this isn't a video blog as I seriously have NO idea how to pronounce the name of this restaurant. For years I've just put a capital "K" in front of a string of random letters and hoped someone knew which Newtown restaurant I was talking know "let's go to Kamendakendanularoolaroo - that Indian Place on King Street".

I'm lucky again then that Miss Chicken and I were strolling past  Kamendakendanularoolaroo-blah-blah one lunch time and all I had to say was "let's eat here". Done!

The "Restaurant beginning with K" offers a myriad of cuisines from Malaysia, South Indian, Indo-Chinese and also Sri Lankin, but it's hard to go past the $8.00 lunchtime Thali Plate special.

Thali is a WONDERFUL dish as you get to try a little bit of a lot of things - dahl, pickles, curry (I choose lamb and Miss Chicken goes for...the chicken), rice, poppadums and something sweet to finish with.  Often I look at the little serves before me on a Thali plate and think "I won't be full after that", but it sneaks up on you and before you know it you're clutching your tummy.

Lamb Curry
Heart shaped rice - awww.
Kammadhenu (yes that is its real name) also has a variety of Hoppers on offer - something I have always wanted to try. On this occasion I begin at the beginning and try a Plain Hopper ($4.00 for two) which tastes just like a fluffy pancake in the thickest part of the hopper, and like crispy-cooked pancake batter on its thinner parts.  Because plain hoppers taste quite...plain, they are usually served with a curry type accompaniment to spice things up a bit. I can't wait to come back and try the other hoppers on offer...egg, string, milk - the list goes on.

We also try a Lamb Roll ($1.50) which in essence is a little potato and lamb croquette. Delicious.

When you go to pay your bill at the register there is a colourful bowl of Mukhwas awaiting you.  Mukhwas is an Indian after-dinner snack that serves as a bit of a breath freshener and digestive aid.  I just love the flavour in Mukhaws - the are usually a mix of fennel and anise seeds - some are sugar coated and so pretty!  The aroma and flavour is fantastic - a perfectly exotic end to an Indian feast.

Scoop a serve into your hand and "bottoms up".

Kammadhenu is at 171 King Street, Newtown.

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  1. Haha - I always do that with things I can't pronounce. Or I just point to it and go 'this one'. The special looks good, I like dishes where you get to try a bit of everything.

  2. I love going to Kammadhenu for lunch!

    I think you pronounce it exactly how it's spelt Kam/mad/denu which is how my Malaysian neighbour said it...unless I picked it up wrong :P

  3. Ha, heart shaped rice... whey didn't anyone think of that?

  4. oooh the mukhwas look so colourful and bright!

  5. I went to the other "K" restaurant (on South King St) a while ago and didn't find it that good. Maybe I should try the other one.

  6. Haha yeah not sure about the pronunciation lol. Iv always wanted to try hoppers since seeing them on Food Safari lol

  7. Mmm, I love this place for quick and easy curries...!

  8. i love a place that does a heart shaped anything. makes me feel like they care about you... always a touching thing when youre broken hearted

  9. Love the look of that thali! The mukhwas doesn't sound too bad actually. I remember gagging on the taste of the after-dinner fresheners in India, but they were just fennel seeds and sugar crystals.

  10. Ahhhh the food here is amazing and I love that the scent of the place goes all the way down King St when you walk past!

  11. Hmmm the Mukhwas look pretty but what's inside them reminds me a little of the also pretty Listerine flavoured jelly beans... Yeek.

  12. ahahha no idea how to pronounce it either. the mukhwas looks SOOO pretty!! nawww heart shaped rice!

  13. i have never seen mukhwas before! but i do love the variety of a thali but sometimes find it lacks quality v ordering one dish....

  14. I have it on good authority (the waitresses) that it is pronounced 'Commander-New' but run together very quickly.
    It's absolutely wonderful there. make sure you go back and try the Dosai.


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