Monday, March 21, 2011

Cooper's Hotel, Newtown

It seems that I am not the only one who likes to take advantage of the multitude of internet meal deals floating around in cyberspace these days.

The Baking Lady From Work (hereafter referred to as the Baking Lady as my fingers will drop off if I had to type her whole name each time) had nabbed herself a $19.00 voucher for a pizza and a bottle of wine at Cooper's Hotel in Newtown, so we put on our walking shoes and head on down to King Street for lunch.

The bistro at Cooper's Hotel (this is the company that does these funky signs) is located on the top floor and has a really nice, open rooftop terrace. These rooftop terraces seem to be the terrace de jour in Newtown as there are at least three pubs that I know that have them.

Given that a) it's lunchtime on a school day, and b) neither of us are big drinkers we decide it's probably not a good idea to drink an entire bottle of wine between just two people and then head back to work for the afternoon.  The Cooper's are more than happy for us to substitute the voucher's bottle of wine for Herb Bread (normally $7.00). They even throw in two Lemon, Lime and Bitter's which makes us tea totlers nearly squeal with delight. 

The pizza menu isn’t huge with only six different pizzas on offer. That said, all the options are tempting with pizzas erring on the more gourmet side of things.

We decide on the Moroccan Lamb Pizza (normally $19.00), although if I'd actually registered that they had pizza with chorizo on it we would've gotten that for sure! The pizza is so big that we didn’t really need to order garlic bread as well – definitely enough for 2 people to share and not feel hungry afterwards.  

Our pizza has a lovely thin and crispy base and is topped with tomato, spiced lamb, roasted red capsicum, red onion and a creamy cucumber and mint sauce.  The lamb is lovely, char-grilled and perfectly cooked.

Asides from pizza the bistro menu has quite a lot of really interesting sounding Modern Australian food that I wouldn’t mind coming back and trying one day.

The Haloumi wontons with a snow pea leaf and beansprout salad and chilli yoghurt dipping sauce has piqued my interest and has me hoping The Baking Lady buys another voucher for this place and invites me to lunch again! 

The Cooper's Hotel is at 221 King Street, Newtown.

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  1. I love the roof top terrace (i don't get out all that much!) and the pizza has made me feel very hungry, looks delicious. Sounds like a great experience overall.

  2. the place looks cute.. good special pricing too!

  3. I love how pubs with their plain-looking facades can have such interesting food inside. Like seriously, haloumi wontons - you wouldn't even find that on cafe menus even!

  4. Pretty god looking pizza actually! And nice that they're a little flexible with the vouchers - some places just aren't

  5. Who would have known! It's been hit and miss the not so many pub meals we've had. And they always looks so seedy I'm very reluctant to step foot in.

  6. oh what a great pub, shame it's upstairs. lovely pizza list. i'll take the top one!

  7. I'm loving this trend of pub grub made better!

  8. Coopers rocks! But I've heard from a good source that the Haloumi wontons suck, apparently they use cold, rubbery pieces of cheese in there.

  9. Have been meaning to try out this place for a while now. The food looks as I'd expect and I like the roof terrace. Looks like a nice place to sit back with a few beers!

  10. I love the terrace at the coopers arms! if the $19 pizza was enough for two, it's a bit of a bargain, i reckon. yumarama!

  11. I'm also guilty of using internet deals..scoopon being one of them! But I can't help it when such delish deals appear in my inbox!

    Diggin the roof dining area. Will check this out next time I'm up in Sydney.

  12. Hi Everyone - I definitely think the roof top terrace is a winner for this pub. I imagine on weekends and at night the place gets pretty busy. I'd like to go back to try more food off their menu. So much food, so little belly room. LOL.

  13. I love the coopers hotel. It's a small selection of pizzas, but every one of them I would love to eat, which is always good.


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