Monday, January 24, 2011

Bay 16 Cafe at The Carriage Works, Redfern

I no longer have "my finger on the pulse" of inner-west life. It's a fact. The only way I ever find out about great new places these days is if I'm told about them by other people (or read about them on other people's blogs).

I blame my finger's inability to find the pulse on a few things.

Firstly, I'm getting older. Next month I'll definitely be closer to 40 than 30, eep (don't tell anyone, ok)? Secondly, I'm now an outer-westie, rather than an inner-westie so I am geographically challenged.  And lastly, there is just so much happening in the inner-west that I probably couldn't keep track of it all if I was 20 and lived smack bang in the middle of Newtown.

The only reason I knew that the Carriage Works even has a cafe is because someone cooler and hipper than me told me about it.  Apparently  Bay 16 Cafe has been installed in the foyer of the Carriage Works for a very long time now.  Who knew?  Not me that's for sure.

Today I take myself out for a walk around the neighborhood close to work as I'm finding it hard, really really hard, to be back in the office after nearly four weeks of leave over Christmas.  The Carriage Works seems like as good a place as any to have a sandwich and reminisce to myself about holidays' long gone.

The lunch menu at Bay 16 Cafe is pretty simple and offers a selection of sandwiches, salads, cakes and coffees.

It feels quite strange, and yet very relaxing, to be at the Carriage Works on a day where nothing much is happening other than a few workmen fixing things in the vacuous building, random office workers having a bite to eat and a few 'arty farty' people wandering about looking creative. The place is just as sleepy as I feel and it's lovely. 

I decided on a sandwich of Lemon Pepper Chicken with Haloumi, Parsley and Herb Dressing ($8.50).  Because the bread is a lovely, thick sourdough the waitress suggests I get it toasted as it tastes much better toasted. I think everything tastes better toasted so happily go along with her suggestion.

The sandwich is lovely and the chicken has a fresh, zesty flavour. Of course anything that comes with Haloumi is a winner with me.  That said, and as the innards show, the sandwich is just a fraction too slick with oil which is a problem when my napkin blows away in the breeze and I'm left wiping my fingers on my handbag as I cannot find any tissues within!

For good measure I throw in a glass of freshly squeezed Orange Juice for ($3.50). The OJ is cool and refreshing. And, for you pulp haters out there...their juice is pulp free and as silky smooth as...well as something that is silky smooth.

After I finish lunch I go for a wander around outside and notice a little herb and vegetable garden growing in tubs just outside the entrance to Bay 16.  It's nice to think that some fresh, homegrown rocket was in my sandwich.

For opening hours of Bay 16 Cafe check out their website.

The Carriage Works can be found at 245 Wilson Street, Redfern/Eveleigh.  Bay 16 Cafe is located in the Carriage Works foyer.


  1. I love haloumi too, Good choice! There was a moroccan cafe in newcastle called Cafe 16, oh how i wish it was still there....

  2. Yum Lemon Pepper and Haloumi - sounds like a winer to me!!

  3. here, here, too much oil will make toast soggy! one of my pet hates! cute place tho

  4. You had to wipe your oily hands on your handbag? I thought ladies always carried a pack of tissues with them!

    I'm with you regarding your lack of hipness as I'm the same; I haven't even been to Carriageworks! LOL

  5. Hi Muppy - thanks for your comment. I usually end up ordering Haloumi every time I see it on a menu...bit sad really as I miss out on other good stuff!

    Hi Cate - it was pretty tasty!

    Hi Thang - the bread was still crunchy...I ate it pretty fast so no time for any potential sogginess to set in.

    Hi Joey - I know I know! As I hunted for a tissue in my bad I end up just using the lining as a napkin. I'm not much of a lady really (but if was a $300 bag and not a $30 one I'd used my skirt instead - lol).

  6. That's a nice find and I agree most breads taste better toasted! Especially thick slices :D

  7. This place looks the industrial interior :)

  8. Hold on, this used to be the George Gregan cafe. Looks like it has changed hands. And there's nothing wrong with being closer to 40. I'm three months away from it!

  9. I had forgotten this place existed! It's kind of in a part of newtown/redform that is slightly tucked away - out of sight out of mind =D. Shame about the oily sandwich but looks like the perfect getaway during the day, especially when work is a struggle =D

  10. "Geographically challenged", haha :) The sandwich looks good, for me anything in toasted sourdough tastes great, even if it's a bit too oily.

  11. i ate here after the everleigh markets a month ago & i had a really yummy sandwich. i loved the building, i didnt want to leave.

  12. Ain't it nice to be down there on a quiet day, the place oozes history...

  13. Hi Lorraine - I think nearly all bread tastes better toasted. It's a bit of an illness I think.

    Hi Jane - you'd love CarriageWorks as they have regular farmers markets...loads of tasty foods.

    Hi Angie - the sambo was still tasty, I just needed to keep a better grip on my napkin I think. You're right though, it's a great getaway for a quite lunch.

    Hi Lateral Eating - I am SO geographically challenged these days. Sad.

    Hi Laura - I found it really hard to head back to work, so I know how you feel. I'll be back here later in the week for sure!

    Hi Shawn - it's a great spot for some City Walker photos me thinks.

  14. Looks like an amazing place, I'll have to add it to my growing list of great inner west eating establishments to visit! Good choice with the halloumi too!

  15. WOW - What an awesome space and interior for a cafe. So many cool things happening in Redfern.

    Hee hee although it sounds like someone is suffering with post holiday depression - i'm right with you on that feeling.. new yummy food finds always help!

  16. Hi John - I had no idea this used to be George Gregan's cafe. No sign of him there when I had my lunch (I would've stayed longer if there had been).

    Hi Georgia - It's a great vibe at this cafe, it feels really industrial, yet it was so peaceful.

    Hi Gianna - I know, isn't it totally amazing! Redfern is the new black I think - very cool these days. I find that booking another holiday is a good way to overcome the holiday blues. NYC here I come...

  17. I swear I have been to this building before but never noticed this cafe, although the only reason I came here was for a first aid course, which I don't think will be happening again any time soon..


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