Monday, May 26, 2014

The Victoria Room, Darlinghurst

Miss Piggy and The Boy dined as guests of The Victoria Room. The terrible photos are 100% all mine!

Dave and I had our wedding at The Victoria Room (both the ceremony and the reception) so needless to say we’re quite fond of the place. I’ve always loved its plush sofas, romantic decor and “old world” feel. This is a place where special things happen…like cocktail parties, romantic dinners, weddings, hens nights and proposals. But, if I’m to be brutally honest the place was looking a tad…tired when we got married there. Things were a bit…dusty and a bit worn. The cushions weren’t as plump as they once were…it was charming, romantic and endearing, but just “getting on a bit”.

Enter new owners who have given the place a good spring clean. They’ve shaken the dust from the cushions, reupholstered the furniture, flung open the curtains and give the whole place a lick of paint. It’s the same Victoria Rooms – but just a better, spiffier version of its old self. Grandma has a new dress!

The décor has gone from mostly reds to all blues and creams. I think this makes it a much more comfortable place for your “man friends” to hang out it, yet it retains its classy elegance and old-world charm that appeals to the ladies. There are modern touches now, like the blue and cream zebra print banquettes, but on the whole the Victoria Room is still channeling a British drawing room from the 1920s. Love it!

With new décor comes a new menu and that’s what we’re here to try tonight. The Victoria Room is fairly well known for its amazing high teas, but they also have a great dinner menu (along with a stellar cocktail list and lovely bar area if you’re not in the mood for a meal).

Whilst we’re admiring the new fit out we enjoy a few cocktails and peruse the menu. And no, the cocktail in the coconut shell was NOT mine!

We kick things off with a few tidbits for the “Snacks” section of the menu. I cannot go past the freshly shucked oysters with frozen champagne ($4.00 each). The oysters are so fresh and plump, and I love the frozen champagne – it’s very cooling in the mouth and pairs so well with the brininess of the oysters! Dave chooses a mini chili spanner crab roll ($6.00 each) and absolutely loves it. The crab is meaty and very delicious. We decide to split a crispy zucchini flower ($5.00 each). The flower is filled with a pungent taleggio that is studded with sweet raisins.

For our larger dishes we opt for the slow roast pork belly with sweet mustard glaze ($30) and the 500g char-grilled Black Angus scotch fillet ($50.00) that comes with a with a selection of sauces. The pork is so flavoursome and has some wonderfully crisp crackling. The meat is very tender and the mustard glazes had just a hint of sweetness to it (that I think must be a dash of honey). We both totally LOVED the Black Angus scotch fillet and I would order this again in a heartbeat. The beef was so tender, well-seasoned and flavoursome. Add a dollop of the accompanying horseradish cream to each mouthful and I’m in heaven.

We cannot live on meat alone of course (though I’m sure many people try) so we ordered a few sides to go with our mains. The next time we go back to the Victoria Room I am ordering a bowl of the salt baked potatoes with smoked sour cream, shallots and preserved lemon ($14.00) for myself and I WILL NOT be sharing! This was so delicious – and I’m sorry to say it’s a case of crap photo, delicious food. I especially loved the crispy potato skins served with the potatoes and that the bowl had little hidden pieces of gherkins dotted throughout. Winner!

We also order a plate of purple and orange caraway roasted carrots ($14.00) that are cooking with burnt butter and sage – a combination I’m fond of adding to my pasta at home. Now that I know it goes so well with carrots I’ll be whipping this up at home! Lastly a bowl of shaved Iceberg lettuce with buttermilk dressing and tarragon ($8.00) sees our meal come to an end.

Although we’re feeling a tad…full we’re too tempted for the selection of sweet snacks, bites and nibbles on offer to share for $22. I order a glass of sweet white wine to go with this – I do love dessert wine I have to say!

I just adore the new look of the Victoria Room and I can’t wait to come back and celebrate our wedding anniversary here with another amazing dinner!

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  1. Tina@foodboozeshoesMay 26, 2014 at 1:45 PM

    Also a big fan of the Victoria Room - can't wait to check out the new look.

  2. Helen (grabyourfork)May 26, 2014 at 1:46 PM

    Ooh this does look a lot different to when I last visited. And those salt-baked potatoes sound amazing!

  3. Wow those potatoes look amazing! I wouldn't share them either :)

  4. Sherrie @ Crystal NoirMay 26, 2014 at 11:11 PM

    Ooh I always forget The Victoria Room also serves dinner as well as high tea!

  5. shawn@streetfoodMay 27, 2014 at 9:38 AM

    I think I'm developing a carrot fetish...

  6. I love that you have such an affinity to this restaurant! We're getting married later this year, and I hope that in five, ten, twenty years time, we'll be just as fond of the venue that we've chosen.


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