Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ton Ton, Sydney

With all of the miserable weather Sydney's had lately you'd be forgiving for thinking it's winter...in London.  You'd also be forgiving for heading off in search of a hot bowl of Udon...which is exactly what The BFF and I did.  Not being entirely over my Menya Mappen obsession I'd hoped we'd score a table there, but alas the queue was out the door so went in search of our Udon fullfillment elsewhere.

Not too far up the road is Ton Ton, a casaul Japanese noodle joint - it's no Mappen, but on a wintery autumn night it does hit the spot.

We kick things off with some snacks - a simple seaweed salad is the first tidbit to capture our eye.  It's your stock standard seaweed salad - nothing to write home about, but pretty decent. 

The BFF can't resist a piece of Chicken Karagi and I'm tempted by the Sweet Potato Sticks which are served cold and are drizzled with a sweet sauce (honey perhaps?) and dotted with black sesame.  I quite liked these, but I'm not sure The BFF was a fan, oh well - more for me!

The BFF orders a big bowl of steaming hot Kogashi Ninniku Ramen ($12.80) which looked really nice and I'm told was pretty tasty.  The broth is flavoured with black sesame soy and burnt garlic which is home to some tender BBQ pork.

There was only one meat-free option on the menu so it looks like it was going to be the Vegetable Udon ($9.80) for me which was actually really lovely. The broth was simple and clean flavoured and the vegetables were perfectly cooked - I especially loved the big chunks of soft potato. 

Ton Ton is certainly no Gumshara (just letting all you hard-core Ramen fans out there know that), but if you're in the area and need a bowl of Udon or Ramen to warm your belly I reckon Ton Ton would fill the spot.

Ton Ton is at 501 George Street, Ground Floor of Regent Place, Sydney.

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  1. I hang here from time to time for the dessert cafe right opposite. Have always been curious about their ramen, not a bad range of variety for a small place.

  2. How funny, I popped my Ton Ton cherry today at Chifley for lunch. Really liked the kogashi ninniku ramen! Look forward to my next return

  3. TonTon is fairly decent generally but just had the Chifley one yesterday for lunch and the noodles were undercooked and the chicken karaage was cold :( but the soup was delicious as always!

  4. On cold days, nothing will do but a bowl of hot noodles! Looks like you found a good compromise between getting noodles and standing in the cold to queue!

  5. Love snacking on the karage chicken here as I wait for my ramen. Perfect noodle soup weather, isn't it?

  6. Oh so sad about the mappen line. Ton ton ramen is not bad there but i definitely should try the chicken next time!

  7. Oooo... NIce to know there are other places to jump in for a quick snack in Sydney!

  8. REading this make me crave for ramen... and hotpot.


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