Monday, November 21, 2011

The Eight, Haymarket

A surefire way to gather my family together is to suggest Yum Cha. Everyone seems happy to travel to the ends of the earth for a weekend Yum Cha brunch - even Niecy Poo's new beau who is fresh of the plane from Scotland (for his first EVER Yum Cha EVER)!

I'm really intrigued to see Mr Scotland's reaction to a) a grilling by our family b) his first EVER Yum Cha and c) his ability to eat Chicken Feet with my brother who is always looking for a partner in Chicken Feet crime. He seemed to have survived everything quite well.

As is customary we gather at the Yum Cha in Market City, above the ever tacky Paddy's Market. The restaurant has recently undergone a name change and a change in decor too (lots of red going on). Truth be told I actually don't know what The Eight was called before its recent change in ownership, we've always referred to it as "the place above Paddy's Markets", as you do.

Within seconds of being shown to our seats the onslaught of bamboo wielding Trolley Dolly's hits us, and not a moment to soon as we're all starving!  All of our favourites came around and within minutes are table is groaning under the weight of multiple baskets.

Seafood Dumpling
Prawn Dumpling
Spinach Dumplings
Peking Duck Pancake - this was delicious!  We all agreed one pancake each is not enough.
Green beans with pork mince - an all time personal favourite
Chicken feet - eep

Eggplant with prawn somewhere in there - tastes a thousand times better than it looks. Really!
Salt and Pepper Calamari - my all time favourite Yum Cha dish
We all left Yum Cha with full bellies and agreed the food was better than it was in our previous visits here - in The Eight's previous life. There was a never ending parade of Yum Cha trolleys going past our table and a good variety of dishes on offer - good enough to keep a table of Aussie (and Scottish) Yum Cha lovers happy.

The Eight Modern Chinese Restaurant is at Level 3 Market City 9 Hay St, Haymarket.

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  1. I could so go some yum cha right now - feeling a bit dusty this Monday morning...

  2. I want the duck pancake now! :)

  3. Congrats to Mr Scotland for surviving a, b and c :) haha. Love Yum Cha!! Can get a little instense with the amount of food but it never disappoints!

  4. i want a duck pancake too!!!! one is never enough! and some chicken feet would be good too :)

  5. One Peking pancake is never enough! All looks wonderful. Wasn't it called something something seafood something?

  6. I'll pass on the chicken feet and take a double helping of the duck pancakes.

  7. Hehe I'm always looking for a partner in chicken's feet eating! No-one will help me except for my mother :P

  8. What is it with these woosies?

    They've got no problems chewing on chicken "hands" (the wing tips), but go all squeamish when it comes to the feet.

    I love chicken livers, giblets, hearts (only $6.00/kg)with a passion. Saute with onions (that's all you have to do). Serve with quality bread and red wine and you have the making of a gourmet dinner for nicks.

  9. The Peking duck pancake looks great! I'd say a dozen each would probably be a better number :) I eat a lot of wacky stuff but chicken feet are definitely not my thing.

  10. The eggplant's stuffed with fish paste usually, and sometimes with prawn paste mixed in to make the texture more springy.

  11. So the verdict from Mr Scotland was a positive one? Just had my dinner and I'm already craving dumplings, maybe with a side of chicken feet!

  12. omg im so hungry just by looking at this! i want some dumplings and chicken feet too!

  13. Didn't find the night time food that exciting and so have never returned for yum cha. I much prefer the (admittedly dearer) dishes at Chefs Gallery.


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