Monday, June 13, 2011

Mars Hill Cafe, Parramatta

A moment of sunshine in amongst Sydney's wet, miserable weather gives The Boy and I a chance to hurtle up to Parramatta's "Eat Street" (aka know as Church Street by taxi drivers and Google Maps alike) for Sunday brunch.

I'd ducked in Mars Hill Cafe the day before to grab a take-away coffee and was taken by the cafe's lovely relaxed atmosphere and cosy loungeroom-esque decor.  This is the type of cafe I remember in North Newtown before Gloria Jeans and Max Brenners set up shop there.  The owners have positioned the cafe as a place to hang-out with like minded, creative souls. Live bands often play in the upstairs area, there are art exhibitions and poetry readings are not unheard of.

But The Boy and I at are Mars Hill for a caffeine hit and some brunch - bands and poetry will have to wait til another time as we're HUNGRY! The brunch menu is small, but covers all the bases. Sadly for those who work in Parramatta during the week Mars Hill isn't open for breakfast or lunch on school days...just dinner.

I'd already checked out the breakfast menu the day before I knew I was going to have the Breakfast Burrito ($10.00). I was a huge fan of the breakfast burritos that I'd tried whilst travelling in the USA a few years ago so I was hoping Mars Hill could pull off a decent replica...and they do! 

My inner-Piggy is thrilled that I receive not one, but two breakfast burritos, that are topped with crumbled hash brown.  The burritos are lightly pan-fried so have a crispy outer that surrounds a jumble of scrambled eggs, bacon and potatoes.  This is topped with salsa, shallots and a creamy mayonnaise...oh, and a deadly looking chilli that I avoid like the plague.

If The Boy isn't having a Big Breakfast then chances are he's having pancakes.  He opts for Pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup ($12.00) and they don't disappoint. Two large, fluffy pancakes are topped with short cut bacon and drizzled with maple syrup. Just in case you've got extra sweet tooth an extra maple syrup is provided on the side. It doesn't stay "on the side" for long I can tell you!

And let's not forget about the coffee. I love that the coffee comes in cup, mug and bucket size!  The Boy must've had a hard night as he opts for the bucket of coffee, whilst I'm satisfied with a mug.

Mars Hill Cafe is at 331 Church Street, Parramatta (just before you head across the river to the Riverside Theatre).

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  1. Yumm... I am hungry for breakfast now - those burritos look great!

  2. We went here years ago with friends and had delicious nachos and coffee in a little upstairs room playing board games, quite a funny memory actually. Good to hear it has still got decent food!

  3. Love the hash brown topping on those breakfast burritos.

  4. awesome a bucket of coffee?? haha id totally order that and your breakfast burrito looks delish!

  5. I used to walk past here on my way to 317 for lunch and wish it was open.
    I'm dying for those breakfast burritos now.

  6. The food actually looks really good! I've been there for coffee before and had the trainee(?) completely mess up my order.

    I'll be sure to try the food next time!

  7. ive never eaten pancakes and bacon.. but looks awesome.. but i'd be so worried about my weight ><

  8. $10 for double breakkie burrito- thats gold!

  9. Oh wow I'm draming about that burrito now! It looks awesome :) love the bucket size lols!

  10. Hi Everyone - thanks again for leaving a comment. I love comments, as much as I love breakfast burritos!

  11. Go try their "Sludge In A Bucket" drink some time!! It's like a snickers has melted into your over-sized coffee.

  12. Miss Piggy.. why are you eating bacon??? :(
    ps. you're cute!


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