Friday, April 15, 2011

Chilli Jam, Parramatta

I blame this dinner at Chilli Jam in Parramatta on Maeve O’Mara and her SBS Food Safari.  

I was actually quite looking forward to sitting at home on the couch, watching TV and having toasted sandwiches for dinner.  And, then Maeve came on TV spruiking the joys of Thai food and the next thing I know I just HAVE to have Thai food for dinner.  RIGHT NOW!

Chilli Jam arrived in Parramatta just a month before The Boy and I landed there in September last year. Good timing, hey?  I had been noticing this restaurant each time I walk up Church Street as they have a Mamak-style Roti Man stationed in the window making drool-worthy Roti.

(NOTE: since our visit to Chilli Jam it seems the Roti Man has packed his bags and moved on...thus no more Roti at Chilli Jam. I'm praying like crazy they find a new Roti Man ASAP to take his place. My tummy's happiness depends on it).

This was the first time (and hopefully not the last) I’d seen Roti served at a Thai restaurant as (from my knowledge) it is traditionally Malaysian dish.  But hey, I willing to get my Roti fix from anywhere that is happy to make it for me.

The menu tells us that in Thailand Roti is generally served as a sweet dish, but at Chilli Jam they also do savoury Roti.  

I am beyond chuffed when I spot Roti Murtabak ($12.90) on the menu.  This is The Boys first Roti Murtabak ever and I think he is pretty happy with it.  What’s not to love about delicious buttery Roti wrapped lovingly around minced chicken spiced with garlic, cumin, coriander seeds and mixed with egg and shallot. 

Our first main is the Pad Thai with Chicken ($15.90).  The chicken pieces are thinly sliced and the dish comes with all the usual suspects – shallot pieces, capsicum, wedge of lemon and bean sprouts. There is chilli, sugar and nuts nestled on the side of the plate which can be mixed into the dish to suit your taste.   I probably got the mixing part a bit wrong as mixed in the entire offering of chilli making the dish a little on the hot side!  Whoops.  

It seems only fitting, given the name of the restaurant, to order something with Chilli Jam in it.  We decide on a Duck with Chilli Jam Sauce ($16.90). The duck is deliciously tender and moist, and is served with roasted cashew nut, assorted crunchy vegetables and stir-fried in chilli jam.   Is there anything better than stir-fried cashew nuts?  Heaven!

The dish is then topped with whole-roasted chilli which must be a new dining experience for The Boy as he asks me if he can eat the roast Chilli. Ah, only if you want the top of your head to blow off and steam to start pouring out of your ears.

The Boy and I will definitely be back to Chilli Jam very very soon, hopefully to indulge in a  Roti-love-fest.

Chilli Jam is at 325 Church Street, Parramatta.   Phone (02) 9687 3300


  1. You are making me want to have Thai tonight!!!

  2. your pictures have seriously improved, this food looks incredible.

  3. Pad Thai is a good way to measure the quality of a Thai restaurant. I've never had sugar served on the side to "customize" it, I think it's good since many people often find Pad Thai too sweet.

  4. dont u hate it when those evil food shows pop up and it punches your wallet nice and hard.

    did your man slave eat the chili in the end?

  5. I normally go to the one in Concord, they definitely have just plain roti there for dipping into your curry. The roti you had sounds much better though.

  6. Loving your photos Mel...this looks delicious!

  7. Yes it uncommon to see roti in Thai Restaurant. I love Thai food but will never add any sugar to it. I will definitely eat the roast chilli, they taste awesome!

  8. Gosh that duck looks amazing!!! We should go on a "gourmet safari"...., have you done one before?

  9. Nice! Some spicy (but not too spicy =p) Thai always warms the soul when the weather starts getting cooler. And I do hope they find another roti-maker soon too! Not enough of them around, I reckon.

  10. I think the menu is different at Chilli Jam - Concord! One of my fav places to eat :) mm roti goodness.. though toasted sandwiches on the couch sounds good too haha

  11. Photos look great! Iv never had roti before (shame!) but Iv heard its fab and def want to try it :)

  12. Yup roti in a Thai restaurant seems strange and murtabak usually comes with lamb instead of chicken. There might be a good reason why roti maker packed his bags.

  13. Hi Everyone - thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. The Roti Man hasn't returned, and although Roti is not really Thai food (that's for the clarification on that), it was great to get Mamak style Roti so close to home. So sad.

    Oh, and The Boy didn't try the chilli. I told him it would be a bad idea to do so. Lucky he listens to me, eh?

  14. I love the roti stalls in thailand with the banana and condensed milk. Best thing ever and they are only $1!


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